On Halloween, an inquiry on the SNA listserv as to which streets were best for trick or treating brought a cauldron of suggestions and recommendations.


Hi all, I never get much traffic in my area (11th Street) and I’m curious what streets might be better to take a 6-year-old?

Brought this:

– We hear Lorimer is a prime locale.

– We live on Methyl (off Lorimer), and I believe our street is listed on a website called “The 50 Best Places to Go Trick-or-Treating on the Planet.” It’s like frickin’ Mardi Gras–good luck trying to get something to eat (that isn’t Halloween candy) if you’re manning the door…

– Having lived on 10th St. for the last 9 years, I’d say we rock Halloween better than any other street. We got somewhere between 120-130 trick-or-treaters last night. All the neighbors were out celebrating Halloween, the houses are decorated; every year it’s a great time. Definitely plan to hit 10th next year!

– I agree 10th was pretty happening last night.

– We usually only hit 11th, 12th and Chace, but 10th will definitely be on our route next year. Many awesomely decorated porches and people hanging out making it more festive.

– I live on 12th and except for one neighbor, who has a giant spider and web displayed across the front of his house, our street is pretty mellow.

– We are all “Summit” around here, but Halloween is a lot more fun on the Blackstone side of Hope.

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