The tot lot in winter. To be ready for summer, it needs supervisors.

To get community gardens in the “tot lot” park at Summit Avenue and Ninth Street, there must be a citizens’ supervisory board and SNA member Greg Gerritt has volunteered to undertake forming such a group.

Gerritt responded to SNA President Dean Weinberg’s report at the organization’s annual meeting May 20 on the progress of the plans for renovation of the park that include the building of a series of gardens that would be open for residents to cultivate vegetables. The city Parks Department requires local participation for the gardens.

The supervisory panel will set the rules for the governing of the gardens and coordinate the various efforts involved in building them, working closely with city park staff.

Residents interested in the gardens should contact Gerritt at his home email,, or the SNA listserv at

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Craig Borges · October 5, 2015 at 4:12 pm

Hi. what is the latest news on the renovation of the tot lot. When I first moved here, 15 years ago, it was a nice little spot… a few swings, benches and shade. Everyone shared the space. Now dogs are forbidden and the toddlers (or parents) have taken over. It looks like a landfill of plastic crap that no one wants. Parents have also done the same to the small, once charming, Victorian park in Wayland Square. I simply don’t understand how people are allowed to dump plastic castles, etc, on public land. I’d love to see a community garden share some of the space with swings, etc., but until then, should those many tiny plastic homes and buggies be tossed?

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