A PDF file of the petition, excerpted below, is now available.

Resident Permit Parking Program Opt-Out Petition [PDF]



Notice of Objection Petition

Each household of a proposed Resident Permit Parking area is entitled to submit a notice of objection petition. Any household that objects to the program must forward a signed, dated notice of objection petition to the City Park ing Administrator.

If 66 2/3% of the households on any given street within the district object to the on-street program, that street shall be excluded from the district.
(Note: One vote per household will be permitted.)

The Parking Administrator will review the objection petition(s) and the requested street(s) will be removed from the district once the petition(s) are verified.

A notice will be sent to households on those streets remaining in the district notifying them of the streets that will be excluded from the district. In addition, mapping will be updated to reflect the approved street list.