The Providence Center, which helps adults, children and adolescents who are affected by mental health difficulties, is in the process of acquiring and taking over operation of  the Brick Manor, an asslsted living residence for elderly people and disabled adults at 29 Ninth Street (between Highland and North Main Street). Brick Manor has been family-owned and operated for some time. Neighbor Amy Harrington met with Providence Center Director, Dale K. Klatzker, Ph.D., to discuss the changeover on July 20.

Amy says Brick Manor has been a good neighbor over the years and that residents, some of whom have mental disorders, have been good neighbors for the most part, too. She has a few concerns about tossed cigarette butts, employee parking, general upkeep and late night noise as staff leave or get picked up. Dr. Klatzker told Amy that certain regulations will mean that six fewer people will be living there, but that neighbors should see very few differences. Dr. Klatzker has named Joe Bennet to be the manager of the Ninth Street facility. Amy will check back with Mr. Bennet in a couple of weeks after he takes over as manager.