Good news for RIPTA riders of today and tomorrow. RIPTA is introducing magnetic cards and smart cards that can be used instead of cash when you get on the bus, and (in the future) will be recharge-able on the bus. Since RIPTA drivers can’t make change, having some alternative way to pay for your ride seems like a great idea.

To provide you with the latest technology, RIPTA is introducing an e-fare system. It’s just one of several Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) projects in the works to bring customer service into the 21st century.

The new e-fare system will be phased in, starting with magnetic cards this summer and adding smart cards next year. This summer e-RIPTIKs, the electronic version of our traditional 10-ride ticket book, and a brand new 15-Ride Pass will become available at Kennedy Plaza, Shaw’s and Stop & Shop. On board, you can buy a 1-Day Pass or obtain an e-change card or e-transfer.

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