Celebrate Providence! in Lippitt Park

The City has announced their schedule for the Celebrate Providence! Neighborhood Performing Arts Series. July features Lippitt Park. This program brings music, dance and theatre into neighborhood parks throughout the city. All events are free and open to the public. More information about all of the events may be found at: www.providenceri.com/ArtCultureTourism/.

The Celebrate Providence! Neighborhood Performing Arts Series will present entertainment in Lippitt Park every Thursday in July at 6:30pm. The series will begin on July 5 with The Gnomes, performing an energetic blend of Celtic and World Music. The Gnomes are made up of Cathy Clasper Torch, Phil Edmonds, Ron Schmitt, Otis Read and Peter Breen. On July 12 the AS220 Broad Street Studio Rhode Show will perform an original 40-minute Hip-Hop influenced body of work, with pieces capturing the ideas, talents, and perspectives of the young people living in the city of Providence.

On July 19 the Providence Black Repertory Company will present the Youngblood Brass Band, professional artists performing in New Orleans backline and Parade traditions. The Youngblood Brass Band is focused on creating consistently progressive, acoustic, groundbreaking music, employing whatever sonic means necessary to do so.

On July 26, the Mt. Hope Learning Center will present Old School, New School, a performance of music, historical narration and spoken word pieces involving neighborhood residents and professional performers. The performances will include producer Sylvia Ann Soares, blues guitarist/vocalist Agus Winangun, pianist Paul Bisch, and youth performers.

Additionally, on August 26 from 11am to 3pm, the Jewish Community Center of Rhode Island will host “Lower East Side Comes to Providence East Side” in Lippitt Park, where it will offer activities and entertainment for all ages. There will be dancing, music, food, and local merchants at this community event.


Summit Burglar Busted

If you participate in our email list, you know that there have been a string of house burglaries in the neighborhood over the past few months. The thief has been caught, thanks to some quick thinking by a Summit neighbor and the Providence Police Department. Its a great story (Projo), although neighbors who lost jewelry, computers and other valuables won’t be able to recover them.

Read on for the full story from the Projo. (more…)

Updated: 16th Annual Summit Neighborhood Yard Sale

The yard sale was a big success ! Thanks to everyone who helped, donated, or found bargains !

The Big 16th annual SNA yard sale is coming up on Saturday, May 12th (Raindate is the following Sat., May 19th). As always, it will be held on the front lawn of the Church of the Redeemer at 655 Hope St.

The yard sale is SNA’s biggest fundraiser each year and funds our newsletter expenses. It takes a big effort to pull off and we sorely need volunteers. Though there is work involved, it is actually a fun time to meet neighborhood volunteers, and Summit residents who stop by to help, to chat, donate, browse and buy some treasures. (more…)

New RIPTA eFares and eFareboxes on buses

Good news for RIPTA riders of today and tomorrow. RIPTA is introducing magnetic cards and smart cards that can be used instead of cash when you get on the bus, and (in the future) will be recharge-able on the bus. Since RIPTA drivers can’t make change, having some alternative way to pay for your ride seems like a great idea.


News from the Graffiti Taskforce

This is a cross-post from the moderator of the Urban Planet Rhode Island discussion group, who had the Graffiti Taskforce present at their Greater City: Providence meeting this week. Apparently community watches are being organized (10 around the city to start) to address graffiti.

The Graffiti Taskforce started last May and had a very successful summer and fall as they ramped up and increased public awareness. They are getting ready to announce several $500 rewards for information that lead to the apprehension of an offender.

There will also be penalties put in place for private property owners who don’t clean graffiti within 10 days of being notified by the city. however, as bad as that sounds, the city will offer their resources to help in the clean up during those 10 days. after those 10 days, the city will do it and the owner will be responsible for the cost of removal.

Their online form was down and suggested people call 1-800-TAGGERS until it gets fixed.

SNA Response to Library Sign Discussions

Since a public discussion has ensued regarding SNA’s position on the zoning variance for the Rochambeau public library that was recently denied, the neighborhood association has submitted a letter to the editors of East Side Monthly, responding to a published letter in the April issue. The April letter to the editor can also be found here on our website.

Dear Editors,

I am writing on behalf of the Summit Neighborhood Association (SNA) to address concerns in the Letters to the Editor about SNA’s opposition to a zoning variance for signage at the Providence Public Library, Rochambeau branch.

As a neighborhood association funded by member dues and legislative grants, SNA’s goal is to sustain the residential fabric of the neighborhood that gives Summit its unique and vibrant character. We strive to do this in as transparent, inclusive, and open way as possible – and we are always open to suggestions as to how to include more voices in the discussion.

Picture a Better Providence

As part of the Providence Tomorrow planning process, city officials have asked residents to say what they like and what they would like to change about our city. Pictures can tell the story better than words, so they also want to see your pictures of the good and the not-so-good.

We think this is a great idea. We encourage you to share your pictures of the city with city officials. We also encourage you to share them with your neighbors – to spur discussion, generate enthusiasm for the planning process, and share different perspectives.

We’re using Flickr to collect pictures of things we like about the city and things we think could be improved. Using Flickr, you can:

  • Comment on and discuss photos
  • Annotate photos
  • Tag photos on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis

If you have a Flickr account (it’s free), simply tag your pictures as “pvd_tmrw_good” or “pvd_tmrw_bad”.

SNA is also providing an easy way to submit pictures using email. Simply email one picture at a time to one of the following addresses:

  • pvd_tmrw_good@sna.providence.ri.us
  • pvd_tmrw_bad@sna.providence.ri.us

Include the Title of the photo as the subject line, and some identifying information in the body of the email. You can even use your cameraphone to send pictures to these email addresses.

You can view the photos and discuss the Providence Tomorrow photos here: