If the broken or uneven sidewalk in front of your house was not chosen for replacement this year under Councilman Jackson’s bond-funded program (see story below), you still have two options for possible no-cost repairs, according to David Pontarelli in the Mayor’s office.
Utility companies are responsible for damage they do to streets and sidewalks. The city is legally liable for the safety of our sidewalks. The city’s Public Work Department has a small sidewalk cement crew, active in warm weather, which will repair sidewalk sections lifted by tree roots, if the tree is a “city” tree in the space between the sidewalk and the curb.
Whether your sidewalk was damaged by a utility company or has been lifted by tree root, you should contact Sal Solomon at Public Works if His number is 421-7740. As for extension 377, then for extension 13. E-mail ssoloman@providenceri.com.
One warning if you want your tree to stay healthy: the Public Works Department’s practice is to lift raised sections, grind the tree roots out and put the section back in. This can harm or kill the tree. City Forester Doug Still advocates alternatives that don’t disturb the roots. If you value the tree that causes this problem, insist that Public Works consult with the City Forester before cutting the roots of the tree. You can reach the City Forester at 785-9450 ext. 270.