The City Plan Commission will review Lifespan’s five-year Miriam Hospital Institutional Master Plan for 2006-2010 at a hearing next Tuesday. The Commission will hold its meeting at the M.L. King Elementary School, starting at 4:30. The Lifespan/Miriam matter is the last of a long agenda, so you can probaby show up late.

Last year, in July, 2004, the CPC approved Miriam’s 5-year plan for 2001-2005 (yes, retroactively for the most part). Miriam is now acting as required by law, and insisted upon by the CPC, to formally file future five-year plans before the five years actually begin. Still, the essential elements of the plan approved last year, the two large buildings to be built on Seventh and Fifth Streets, were approved last fall.

Therefore, it is unlikely the CPC will deny this planned expansion now. You can, however, let the CPC know how their action has and will impact your life. You can also make the point that since Lifespan fought tooth and nail to stay on a site surrounded by homes despite obvious nearby alternatives on North Main Street, it is now their obligation to bend over more than backwards to make our neighborhood as whole as it possibly can be despite their 24/7 operations in our midst.

You can find the meeting agenda at the City Plan Commission Web page:

Miriam’s communith liaison, Monica Anderson, has been very cooperative with our requests to provide public access to the draft IMP. You can find a paper copy of the Miriam IMP at the Rochambeau Branch Library’s resource desk. Alternatively, you can download a copy of the IMP by clicking here. Note that this document does not include the drawings, plans and maps incuded as exhibits to the IMP. This file was too large for our site. See the hard copy at the library.

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