Highlands on the East Side, an assisted-living and memory-care center at 101 Highland Ave., has agreed to again be the site of the SNA annual meeting, this year on May 20.

In the past, the event had been in January or February, but the board of directors decided to move the date out of the cold and snowy New England winter to make the meeting more easily accessible.

As it did last year, the annual meeting this year will combine the election of a new board of directors with a social gathering. It will be an opportunity to get up close and personal with elected officials as well as other people of influence in the neighborhood and city, a “who you need to know” party. Participants can expect to sample wines, foods and other offerings of local merchants as well as voice opinions as to the proper direction of the association. It is also a good time to join or renew a membership.

The Highlands is also sponsoring a shoes and socks drive to assist shelters and agencies for the homeless.

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