Tiki - Yard Sale 2006

Hundreds of neighbors and visitors purchased almost $2,000 worth of donated goods at Summit Neighborhood Association’s Annual Yard Saturday, May 20, a week later than originally scheduled due to the torrential rains of the last week.

The results were a fine reward for many weeks of effort by our peerless Yard Sale coodinators Truck Drivin’ Connie Chesbrough and Michelle “The Yard Sale Runs Itself” Tuck. They were backed up by SNA’s large team of volunteer haulers, toters, pricers, sorters and sellers. Thank you all very much.

We owe our success to the many generous neighbors who donated useful and marketable items ranging from a china set to a sectional sofa. Not to mention lots and lots of books, thanks largely to the generous sharing of the Friends of Rochambeau Library.