Called to order at 7 p.m. by President Dean Weinberg with about 60 people present, including guests.

The only official item of business was the election of a new board, which was by unanimous voice vote. The new board consists of: Dean Weinberg, president; Jesse Polhemus, vice president; Harriet Hemphill, treasurer; Anthony Arrigo; Grant Dulgarian; Howie Gladstone; Claude Goldman; Kerry Kohring; Daniel MacLellan; Britt Page; Brad Pelletier; Sheila Perlow; Mary Ann Rossoni; Peter Sandby-Thomas; Tom Schmeling; and Jennifer Trayner.

A potted plant was presented to Laura DeSantos, a representative of Summit Commons, in appreciation for the SNA use of the facilities.

Elected officials who spoke to the members were: Providence Mayor Angel Taveras; Speaker of the House Rep. Gordon Fox; Sen. Rhoda Perry; and City Councilman Kevin Jackson.

Also making presentations were: Providence Police Lt. John Ryan with two officers; North Main Street Merchants Association representative Peter Kammerer; Sheila Dormody of the mayor’s office representing the Resource Recovery Corporation; and Elizabeth Mercurio, a community gardening expert from Escondito, Calif.

Meeting adjourned about 9 p.m.

Kerry Kohring, secretary pro tem.


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