Location: Summit Commons, 99 Hillside Ave., Providence
Meeting called to order:
7:05 pm
Minutes recorded by:
Melissa Grisi
SNA Board Members present: Dean Weinberg, Melissa Grisi, Jesse Polhemus, Harriet Hemphill, Kerry Kohring, Dan Cahill, Sheila Perlow, Dan MacLellan, Tag Tanalski, Claude Goldman, Grant Dulgarian
Advisory Board Members present: David Kolsky
Guests present: None

Approve minutes of November and December 2011 SNA Board meeting –
November 2011 – Made edits to minutes as suggested by board members, revisions were made during the meeting. Minutes approved.
December 2011 – Minutes approved, 1 abstention.

Treasurer’s Report: Harriet reviewed 2011 year-end report. Sheila noted that recent Summit apple event (in October 2011) was well-worth the funds spent. Thank you to Harriet for setting up the treasurer’s report! Report approved.

Quick Reports Back:

  • Resignation of Jayne Cahill
  • Nominating Committee – Jesse – Nominating Committee Open House on Sunday, 1/22 from 12-2 pm at Hope St. Pizza. Jesse will order pizza and soda for attendees.
  • Events Committee – Melissa & Dean – Is anyone interested in organizing an event for the winter months? Jesse would like to organize a monthly community-building workshop. Discussed planning 3-4 workshops to be held spring/early summer. Jesse will put together a list and present at next meeting. Dean suggested contacting Greg Gerritt to request he facilitate a composting workshop.
  • NMS committee – Dean – Project Manager is working on task list – meeting with different organizations that are stakeholders (RIPTA, Narragansett Bay Commission), he will be recording these meetings and board members are welcome to listen to these discussions. Discussed Smithfield Ave project (one-way to two-way street) – was informed by Dean that Miriam Hospital has offered to pay for project. NMS Merchants Association voted on a board last week. Voted to meet once a month unless there is nothing to report.
  • East Side Monthly article – Kerry – ESM has set up a website that will report community news in addition to printed column. Kerry will create login and post to website.
  • Newsletter committee – Kerry – Kerry presented color version of newsletter, approximate cost $1400. Budgeted $2000 for newsletter, spent $1362 in 2011. Board decided to continue to print newsletter in green and not color. Reviewed upcoming newsletter. Scheduled newsletter counting and bagging this Saturday, 1/21 @ 1 pm at Summit Commons. Kerry will reserve room.
  • Crime Watch – Sheila & Dan M. – No report. Dean will acknowledge Block Captains at Annual Meeting.
  • Overnight parking ban – Mayor’s office will schedule neighborhood meetings. SNA will host and moderate meeting, as will College Hill Neighborhood Association.  

Current Projects/Topics:

  • Approve budget for NC event – Motion approved by the board to budget no more than $200 for NC event on 1/22/12.
  • Annual meeting 2/27/12 @ 7 pm – Kerry will reserve dining room. Sheila & Dan will purchase refreshments and beverages, board approved $75 budget for refreshments and beverages. Mayor Tavaras and Speaker Gordon Fox have confirmed attendance. Kerry will also invite a representative from Summit Commons to meeting to acknowledge organization at upcoming meeting. Sheila volunteered to purchase plant as a thank you gift, board voted budget up to $50. Dean will invite representatives from Farm Fresh RI and Providence tree planting program. Dave will email Dean contact info for Providence tree planting program.
  • Snow shoveling – Recent emails on listserv inquiring about snow shoveling program. Susan Korte (local blogger) has organized a meeting to organize a coalition across the city (Summit representative is Greg Gerritt) this Wednesday, 1/18/12 @ 5:30 pm at Hope Artiste Village. Dean has a list of last year’s volunteers and individuals in need. Jesse stated  he plans to attend and will report back at next meeting.
  • Membership committee and acknowledging membership contributions – Jesse, Harriet and possibly a third individual are putting together a meeting to talk about getting more members and getting those members more active, tracking who our members are and acknowledge our members. Jesse and Harriet plan to work with Jim Barfoot who manages database of members. Request for volunteers to those interested.
  • ESM online community news – See above (ESM Monthly Article)
  • Planning Commission update – Providence Tomorrow: A Comprehensive Plan which would govern how zoning variance is written. 3 projects of focus include: massive of re-zoning to “Knowledge District” (statehouse, downtown to Jewelry District), interstate 195 project, and comprehensive plan for city of Providence. Hearing tomorrow 1/17/12 @ 4:45 pm downtown, another meeting scheduled for 1/24/12 @ 4:45 pm. Dave will send out website for those who want to review plan.

New Business and Upcoming Items

Dean read letter from Rhoda Perry regarding $2500 legislative grant. Letter informed the board and supporters of the SNA of the positive way these grant funds affect the SNA mission.

Next meeting – Monday, 2/20/12 @ 7 pm

Adjourn – 8:41 pm