The meeting was brought to order at 7:10 PM.

Members Present: Anneliese Greenier, Grant Dulgarian, Kerry Kohring, Daniel MacLellan, Sheila Perlow, Thomas Schmeling, Sharon Lee Waldman, Dean Weinberg.

Members Absent: Jim Barfoot, Sierra Barter, Chris Bull, Daren Bulley, Vishal Jain, Michael McGlynn, Britt Page, Lee Pichette, Joan Retsinas, Mary Ann Rossoni, Peter Sandby-Thomas.

Guests: Marcus Mitchell

President’s Remarks:  Since our last meeting we have held a candidates’ forum and the fall cook-off.  Two additions to the agenda: Treasurer & Caroling.

Minutes. Kerry moves approval. Sheila seconds. Unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report. Tom moves, Kerry second. Memberships up 372 (10%) since last year. There was a brief discussion of the meaning of the word “restricted.”  Report unanimously accepted.

Annual Meeting. Discussion of the timing of the meeting. January and February are both difficult due to weather. It’s also tough to get newsletter with the announcement out in mid-winter.  Newsletter should be delivered 2-3 weeks before the annual meeting. Some people favored moving the meeting to the fall. Our options: 1) Keep February.  2) Hold it in mid-January (with move to November in the next year.  3. Move it to later in spring.

Anneliese moved to move the meeting to late April (after tax season).  Sheila seconded.  After discussion, April 20th was settled on.  Motion passed with 2 opposed.

Nominating committee.  Given the change in annual meeting dates, there is no urgency on this.

Zoning Committee. Grant reiterated his views regarding zoning and the new ordinance (see previous minutes). Grant asked for a vote on his 5 points but no motion was made. The Board felt that we don’t have enough information to be confident that any of these positions would represent the views of the community.  Kerry’s submitted a statement, which is appended to these minutes.

Marcus Mitchell, write-in candidate for the Ward 3 City Council seat, addressed the Board. It was a remarkable election, and the city’s eyes were on us. Our candidate forum drew 96 attendees. The Board congratulated Marcus on his effort. A recount has been requested. The law requires a difference of 200 votes or 2% of the vote, whichever lowest. 2% would have been 89 votes. There was a 105-vote difference.

Summit Ave Park/tot lot.  The Parks Department has split it into two phases.  Parks has postponed pre-winter work on tot lot (see last minutes) and will be going out to bid after winter.

Membership. Anneliese reported one new member (Diane Goldman) who also expressed willingness to help with projects.

Events. The Cook-off was big success. Prize winners have been announced on our website.  The candidate forum is discussed above.

Newsletter. The next newsletter will be produced in January.

Other. The Board expressed it’s pleasure that the Citgo station has reopened following the fire. Peter, the manager there, has been a strong SNA supporter

Snow shoveling. Tom reported that this project is coming together.

The Granoff Estate as been put up for sale and the owners are trying to develop a subdivision with single and multi-family units. There are varying views on this, and SNA is not prepared to take a position at this time.

Treasurer. Vishal has offered to help Anneliese with reports.

Next meeting. There will be no meeting in December unless called by Dean.  Tom moved, Sheila seconded.  Approved with one dissent.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:49 PM. Motion by Dan, seconded by Tom

Respectfully Submitted,
Thomas Schmeling- Secretary


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