Location: Summit Commons, 99 Hillside Ave., Providence
Meeting called to order:
7:11 pm
Minutes recorded by:
Mary Ann Rossoni

SNA Board Members present: Dean Weinberg, Peter Sandby-Thomas, Kerry Kohring, Jesse Polhemus, Claude Goldman, Grant Dulgarian, Mary Ann Rossoni, Anthony Arrigo

Advisory Board Members present: David Kolsky.

Guests present: Anneliese Greenier, Martha Fraenkel, Oliver Null, Hin Le

Treasurer’s Report – In Harriet’s absence, Dean delivered report.  A membership renewal based on calendar year up for discussion.  A January 1 renewal would apply to all current members.

Member News

Judy Brown – A moment taken in honor of Judy. She will be missed.

MInutes – Minutes accepted and approved


SNA Mailbox: Anneliese Greenier offered to take over the retrieving of SNA mail from the PO box. Jesse moved that Anneliese take over this roll, Claude seconded, all were in favor.

Reach out to Gail Goldwin planned – Dean will contact her to meet about SNA matters particularly regarding state grant money

Pumpkin Bake Off: Anthony reported that despite the bad weather, the event was a huge success.

Candidate Forum – Went very well, even garnering two front page ProJo articles. Many “Thank You” e-mails from those attending.


Newsletter Committee – Kerry announced that we are moving ahead with the next issue. Dean suggested that the Business Spotlight article introduce the newest store on Hope Street, Stock.

North Main Street Committee. SNA continues to meet with Mayor’s office planning committee, Narragansett Bay Commission and SNA consultant, Jonathan Harris. There is a handshake deal with a budget of $100,000 for SNA to suggest/make street improvements once the NBC project is complete. Since then, the city’s planning department, working closely with RIPTA, has launched a project of their own with a $2 million budget to make improvements to North Main street. Improvements will include new trash cans, bus shelters, panels with bus schedules and benches. SNA in stalemate with the Planning committee which has since stopped approving SNA’s plans. One disagreement is the city does not want raised crosswalks and SNA does. The City planning committee wants fewer crosswalks and SNA wants more. Jonathan is now estimating costs for plans and they will all meet again on Nov. 30. Dean will e-mail guests the plans for review. Dean suggested those interested attend the North Main meetings. RIDOT is not concerned and is not opposed to raised cross walks.  RIPTA is concerned as they want to reduce travel time/speed up on North Main.

Crime Watch Committee – Meeting on November 20. Monica wants program to work. Yet more volunteers are needed  to make this happen. Topic tomorrow is crime-safe holidays.

Nominating Committee: We need to form a Nominating Committee to prepare the slate for the Annual Meeting. The Nominating Committee is comprised of two board members and one non-board member. Board members Jesse and Kerry volunteered to be on this committee as did non-committee member Anneliese Greenier. The Committee, with the help of the board, will recruit/suggest potential committee members and those selected will be invited to a meet-and-greet event in January to meet the current board.  Grant suggested that our search for potential members be more diverse. The Advisory Board listing needs to be revisited. It has been suggested that Rhoda Perry be removed from advisory board listing and recruited as a board member.

Annual Meeting The Annual Meeting will be held in February. Dean mentioned that the College Hill Neighborhood Association had just one keynote speaker at their annual meeting and suggested that we do the same. A suggestion: newly elected Sen. Gail Goodwin.


Leafleting: Delivery has improved in some areas but not in others. Some residents are not receiving their newsletters at all or two months late. To further improve delivery, Grant suggested a need for volunteers to phone call leafleters and in a round-about way ask about delivery with follow-up questions such as do you need more newsletter for your route/did you have too many etc. Dean/Jesse suggested that Grant recruit calling volunteers at the bagging meetings or collect e-mails of leafleters to e-mail prior to newsletter drop-off.

Snow Shoveling Program- 7 shovelers for 3 interested residents. Currently one can apply for service but we may not have enough shovelers. We’ll continue to recruit volunteers.

Tot Lot/Community Gardening. Another meeting held. Plans reviewed. One person is very against it. Their main concerned is that pedophiles will lurk around, befriend children and follow them home. It has been suggested that SNA engage in a marketing campaign to gauge the community’s acceptance of this garden in the tot lot. The Parks Department is putting in community gardens throughout the city. It may no longer be just an SNA project. City will do what it can to make the project happen. SNA needs to raise $15,000 for this project. The project will only move forward once the money is raised. An itemized cost analysis of the project is now being done. Many repairs need to be done to the lot prior to work. Monica says we can apply for a grant for these purposes. Community Outreach investment grants are available as well as Environmental improvement grants. Groundwerks Providence is interested in having their crew become involved. Lippit Park gardens have been shelved. Survey done was overwhelmingly yes to gardens in Summit/no to gardens in Lippitt Park. Bob McMann said City will further be able to poll residents.

Overnight Parking Ban –Overnight parking is happening. Dean suggested that those interested in knowing about overnight parking on their street, contact Leo directly at lperrotta@providenceri.com to determine if their street has opted out of this permit option.

Holiday Stroll December 6. – Dean requested that Ashton, of the Hope Street Merchant’s Association, let us know of their events sooner so we can better prepare SNA’s involvement in their events. Suggested ideas for the Holiday Stroll were: decorate a tree ornament, free picture with Santa, hat and mitten drive, food drive. Sheila will sit at SNA table.

SNA Banners –Mary Ann presented two designs for consideration. Adjustments will be made based on suggestions presented by Dean, Kerry and Jesse. A 6 ft. table banner and a 12 ft. stage banner will be created. Grant suggested an over-the- street banner and will look into what is required by the City to install.

New Business on Hold – Spring Easter Egg Hunt, Lippitt Park Recycling,

Next meeting – Monday, January 16, 2012

Meeting adjourned at:  8:57


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