Members Present: Jim Barfoot, Grant Dulgarian, Vishal Jain, Kerry Kohring, Daniel MacLellan, Michael McGlynn, Britt Page, Sheila Perlow, Thomas Schmeling, Sharon Lee Waldman, Dean Weinberg

Members Absent: Sierra Barter, Chris Bull, Daren Bulley, Anneliese Greenier, Lee Pichette, Joan Retsinas, Mary Ann Rossoni, Peter Sandby-Thomas,

Guests: Ruy David. Al Dahlberg.

Announcements and Guests. Dean noted that this is the last meeting of the current board. Our annual meeting, at which we will elect a new board, is this Wednesday.

Ruy David from the farmers market reported on the season opener last Saturday. They have 39 vendors on Saturday and 9 on Wednesday.  They will be a sponsor of the music festival again this year.  This year is the market’s 25th anniversary. They started downcity in 1990.

Al Dahlberg passed on literature regarding attempts to revitalize the Seekonk River.

Minutes for April were unanimously approved on a motion by Sheila, seconded by Dan.

Treasurer’s report. Anneliese was not present.  Vishal takes over as treasurer after our annual meeting. Dean reported that we received $1500 from state senate grant.

Music festival. Date is August 15th. Dirty Dozen Brass Band will perform. Dean has raised their fee from private sponsors. We are currently $2000 short for the festival funding. Miriam sponsorship is connected to working with a charity beneficiary.

Community Garden. Wendy Nilsson is the new Parks director. 1st phase is to build the park. Second is to hold lottery for plots. Third is to manage the garden. Dean will send a request for leaders to the SNA list. For the latter, SNA needs to create a “Friends of Summit Ave Park” that will be independent of SNA.

Snow Brigade. We are still working on planning the lunch for which funds were approved in April.

Zoning: Grant remains concerned about building heights on N. Main. We will talk about this at our annual meeting.

Membership and Annual Meeting. We have acquired a Paypal widget allowing for credit and debit payments for shirts and memberships. Jim Barfoot is working up a sign-up sheet for the annual meeting. Vishal ordered 36 t-shirts- 18 youth and 18 others.  We have 80-90 on hand.

Sheila suggested we get nametags for the meeting. She will get them.

The Annual meeting will be a more casual event than past years. The agenda will include:

  • An account of events last year
  • Election of Board members and officers.
  • Presentations by Elected officials and community leaders.

The following have been invited:

  • Aaron Regunberg
  • Gayle Goldin
  • Kevin Jackson
  • Someone from Mayor Elorza’s office
  • Parks Director Wendy Nilsson
  • Monica Anderson
  • Someone from Hope Street Merchants Association
  • Lt. Ryan from PPD

Kerry has put together refreshments.

Nominating Committee. Tom moved the slate of board members Sheila, Dan & Jim seconded. Approved unanimously.

Meeting adjourned 8:24

Respectfully Submitted,

Tom Schmeling, Secretary


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