Members attending: Vice President Jesse Polhemus (presiding); Kerry Kohring (recording secretary pro tem); Grant Dulgarian; Dan MacLellan; Sheila Perlow; Thomas Schmeling; President Dean Weinberg (arrived late).

Guests: Anneliese Greenier; Valerie Houshar and Heather Tompkins of The Highlands on the East Side, assisted-living facility.

December minutes approved with spelling corrections.
Treasurer’s report, with addendum of $15 deposit, approved.

Guests from Highlands said they have a renovated facility of 66 residents, want to be active in the Summit community and would like to host needed meetings of SNA activities, such as North Main Street committee or newsletter bagging. Schmeling suggested that they become listserv members. There is to be an open house Sunday, Feb. 10 from 1 to 3 p.m.

Quick reports:
NMS Committee – Peter has resigned and there is no new leader – meeting prospects with Monica Anderson of Miriam are uncertain over their desire to hold a festival in the former arena parking lot.
Newsletter – February issue at the printers, new distribution volunteers are in the pipeline.
Crime Watch – Miriam’s Anderson to call a meeting within the next two or three weeks.
Snow Shoveling – Schmeling reports that it’s working, with two snowfalls and eight volunteers handling four requests for aid.

Current projects:
Nominating Committee – Polhemus reports that a slate of candidates for the board is in the works and a list should be ready by the February meeting – Dulgarian says that according to bylaws, maximum number of members is 29.

Legislative Grant ­– Perlow moves, MacLellan seconds motion to have board member Anthony Arrigo write a request for $2,500 from state Senate to be applied to community-garden project – Dulgarian suggests money be allocated to lawsuit that has been filed in Superior Court challenging zoning board’s approval of billboard off Route 95 – Schmeling argues that legislative money not be used for suit against city and motion approved unanimously – Dulgarian asked to provide more information on lawsuit (perhaps a copy) so it could be supported – information urged for February meeting so board could discuss at March meeting.

Membership Committee – Treasurer Harriet Hemphill resigned from committee – Polhemus to explore process to acknowledge new members with database keeper Jim Barfoot.

Annual Meeting – Perlow and MacLellan volunteer to handle refreshments and $50 allocated – Weinberg, Polhemus, Schmeling Greenier, Kohring volunteer to begin forum set up at 6 p.m. with PA system – agenda to be business meeting first with administrative representatives available, then turn to roundtable discussion with Weinberg to pose questions.

Park Rehab, Gardening – city parks director Bob McMahon reportedly says rehab moving forward with or without community gardens, but urging SNA to raise needed funds, looking to legislative or Miriam grants.

Lippitt Park Recycling – McMahon has hinted, without commitment, that is SNA buys recycling bins, city will handle collection – MacLellan, the park “ranger,” volunteers to explore prices and infrastructure needs – Schmeling to query city about plans for benches.

Advisory Board – Weinberg contacting Jewish Community Center, Hope Street merchants, North Main Street merchants, Miriam and others about input and new names – also cites mayoral neighborhood coalition – Schmeling suggests consultation with nearby neighborhood associations such as College Hill, West Side and Fox Point, with Mount Hope a possibility.

Adjourned shortly after 9 p.m.

Submitted for approval – Kerry Kohring


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