Members Present: Grant Dulgarian, Anneliese Greenier, Vishal Jain, Kerry Kohring, Michael McGlynn, Joan Retsinas, Thomas Schmeling, Dean Weinberg

Members Absent: Jim Barfoot, Sierra Barter, Chris Bull, Daren Bulley, Daniel MacLellan, Britt Page, Sheila Perlow, Lee Pichette, Mary Ann Rossoni, Peter Sandby-Thomas, Sharon Lee Waldman,

Guests: Marcus Mitchell

Minutes: Kerry moved approval of the March minutes. Joan seconded. Unanimously approved.

Updates: Dean received no responses on his request for recommendations for the advisory board. Please send them.

Treasurer’s report: There was little change, with $65 income and $135 expense. Joan moved approval and Michael seconded. Unanimously approved.

State senate grant (see last month’s minutes). Our books are closed on the last years and a check $1500 is being sent to us for FY2015.

Mailing lists. It has been agreed that the Board email list will included Board members only. Michael McGlynn volunteered to oversee the change.

Snow brigade. Joan moved up to $200 for a lunch to thank the volunteers and gather information about what worked and what did not. Anneliese seconded. Approved unanimously.

MHNA Board Liaison. Dean met with Ray Watson and Eugene Montiero (Exec. director of MSNA) to discuss a board member exchange. Kerry moved, Anneliese seconded, the creation of this exchange. MHNA meetings are the third Thursday of each month at 7pm.  We would select the person from our new board. Unanimously approved.

Annual meeting 2015. Kerry met with Valarie Houshar and Karen Von Gorden and the chef from Highlands. Max. occupancy is 150 people. SNA will provide pizza wine and beer. Highlands will provide finger food, set up, and paper goods. We will reimburse them for costs. They will set up a coatroom. We will bring amplifying system.

We discussed a possible running slide show during the meeting. Kerry will have a follow up meeting may 11th. 10:30am.

It was asked whether we authorized funds for the meeting. Grant moves $350. Tom seconds. Mike moved to increase the amount to $500 and Anneliese seconded.

Mike noted that our biggest problem is not money, of which we have quite a bit, but membership. This is an investment. The amendment passed with Grant and Joan voting against.  The main motion passed with only Grant opposing.

We have not settled on the format for the meeting.  Dean noted that this not an election year so we should expect fewer officials. Ideas were discussed: Stations with information and activities such as Education, Arts and Culture, Crime, North Main, Construction, Street car, ballpark.

Michael volunteers to produce flyers announcing the meeting.

Grant moved and Tom seconded authorizing $500 for SNA window stickers.  Unanimously passed.

Dean mentioned that we need t-shirts. Tom moved authorizing up to $500. Kerry seconded. Vishal will determine how many we need of each size. Passed unanimously.

Events. We now have an SNA music festival website but we still need sponsors. Other upcoming events include.

  • June 7 BBQ in Billy Taylor park.
  • June 17 all-Providence block party at Steelyard.
  • Date unknown. HSMA spring fair. We are doing an open mic.
  • SNA annual meeting date  2016. Discussion tabled until our June meeting.


Zoning Committee: Grant remains concerned about the height of buildings allowed on N. Main in the new ordinance.

Membership Committee: The committee is focusing on flyers and the annual meeting.

Newsletter Committee:  The next newsletter will be written in May.

Nominating Committee:  We will have a list for the next board meeting

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00PM

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas Schmeling, SNA Secretary


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