The meeting came to order at 7:00 p.m.

Members Present: Anthony Arrigo, Jim Barfoot, Sierra Barter, Grant Dulgarian, Anneliese Greenier, Harriet Hemphill, Kerry Kohring, Daniel MacLellan, Britt Page, Sheila Perlow, Jesse Polhemus, Joan Retsinas, Thomas Schmeling, Dean Weinberg.

Members Absent: Chris Bull, Daren Bulley, Martha Fraenkel, Claude Goldman, Mary Ann Rossoni, Peter Sandby-Thomas.

Guests: Kavid Kolsky, Rui David

President’s Report (Dean Weinberg):
Despite losing a few members, we have a Healthy Board. Each Board member should find (create or join) a project to work on.

The Community Garden survey is on line and will stay active until early-mid July. Results will be reviewed to determine whether and how to move forward. Anthony is writing a grant for up to $12,500 (add to our current $5k). Members were encouraged to pass out flyer announcing survey. 101 responses so far 88% say yes. The survey asks for the respondent’s address to make sure that the comments are local.

Good progress on music festival, which is now scheduled for 1pm-5pm on Saturday, Aug 24th. See the Event’s Committee report below.

Welcome Guests: Rui David is the new manager of farmers’ market. Vendors have done well adjusting to Narragansett Bay Commission work. Members noted increasing number of walkers and bikers at the Farmers’ Market.

Minutes: Jesse moved approval of the May minutes. Sheila seconded. Approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s report (Harriet Hemphill): The only activity was $40 in membership. Jesse moved to accept the report, second by Sheila. Passed Unanimously.

Membership committee (Anthony Arrigo and Sierra Barter): Anthony and Sierra met with Hope Street Merchants Association. The proposal for discounts for SNA members was not favorably received but they suggested a joint-SNA “welcome wagon” effort. Dean will meet with Asher to talk about arrangements for joint /shared. Anthony will continue to attend HSMA meetings.

Events Committee (Dean):
Dean asks for input on vendors (arts & crafts, food) as we are still looking for new people.

We have $3,650 on hand from business contributions and private donors. Last years grant from city was $3k so we are ahead of that. The goal is still $4-5k. Dean Rain date is possibly the next day (25th). We are waiting to hear from parks dept.

Other events (Shakespeare) are on hold.

Newsletter committee (Kerry Kohring): The June newsletters have been bagged and delivered to deliverers. Newsletter has wrong date (17th) for the music festival. Dean suggests putting up signs in park on 17th. Sheila suggested that future newsletters could announce business comings and goings if we have a better connection with the HSMA.

North Main Street (Dean Weinberg): The $150K that had been reserved for neighborhood-generated ideas was absorbed by Providence Planning Department, so none of the plans that were proposed (e.g. crosswalks) will be done. However, the conversion of Smithfield Avenue to two-way traffic will be done as planned. We still have $6500 in the NMS account.

Yard Sale (Jesse Polhemus): Committee is Peter, Britt & Jesse. Location is Church of Redeemer. 10am-2pm on 9/21. The rain date is the 28th. Dean adds that Michael McGlynn has created an online registration form. Anthony raised concerns about food trucks that did not show up for egg hunt. We should make sure the vendors are committed. A newsletter will come out right before the yard sale.

Other Items

A Summit House Tour similar to those done in other neighborhoods, was discussed. It would probably take place next summer. Interested people should talk to Anthony.

Tshirts. We still have some volunteer t-shirts left. Anthony has explored vendors for shirts for members. Jesse moved and Tom seconded to authorize spending $500 for these shirts. Anthony will provide a designed to be approved at next board meeting. Passed unanimously.

Motion to adjourn by Tom, seconded by Jesse, passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 8:24 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted, Thomas Schmeling


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