The meeting was brought to order at 7:05 PM, VP Kerry Kohring presiding

Members present: Jim Barfoot, Chris Bull, Grant Dulgarian, Anneliese Greenier, Vishal Jain, Kerry Kohring, Michael McGlynn, Britt Page, Sheila Perlow, Lee Pichette, Joan Retsinas, Thomas Schmeling, Shraon Waldman

Members absent: Sierra Barter, Daren Bulley, Daniel MacLellan, Mary Ann Rossoni, Peter Sandby-Thomas, Dean Weinberg

Guests present: Jenna Karlin (United Here Local 217), Pernilla Frazier (HSMA), Glenn Rawson (Neighbor), Sam Howard (Homeless advocate), Robert Konnos (neighbor), Barry Field (Gold’s Gym).

Jim Barfoot asked to add the homeless coalition to the agenda.

Minutes: Jim Barfoot moved to approve the March minutes which had not been reviewed at the April meetin. Second by Mike McGlynn. Unanimously approved.

Sheila moved to approve the April Minutes. Tom seconded.  Approved

Treasurer report (Anneliese) We added four new members in April. This is down from last year. Anneliese moves, Chris seconded, unanimously approved

Summit Ave. garden-tot lot.  A scheduled meeting with Bob McMahon was postponed due to illness. At present we are unsure what is happening within city gov’t on this front.

Photography Contest: (Joan) Drop-off of photos will be June 15-17 at Camera Werks or at Miriam Hospital. The judges so far are Lisa Newby and Steve Mason (probably).

Hope Street Spring Fair. (Pernilla Frazier) HSMA would love for SNA to have a table at the fair. HSMA will have about 20 vendors. Non-Profits will set up informational tables. There will be two stages, on each north and south. The even will include performers, Prov. Children’s Museum, beer garden, YMCA and a popup playground. HSMA would like volunteers to help keep streets blocked. There will be a meeting tomorrow (5/20) at 6:15 at Creatielier.

Candidate forums- Dean is talking to candidates. We are looking at a couple of Tuesdays in July. We discussed co-sponsoring with other groups be determined that this will be an SNA event.

Yard Sale. Church of the Redeemer will be the location, as in past years. Sat Sept. 14 or 21st are the most likely dates.

Music Festival will be Aug 23rd. Still unsure how much money the city will be providing this year.

The Newsletter is on schedule for Early June publication.


Sam Howard reported on the state of homelessness in RI.  Shelter standards are low. He asked that we ask Speaker Fox and Gayle Golden to support 2 bills. H7735 and S2497.

Glenn Rawson raised questions about whether zoning rules allow a property owner in our neighborhood to convert to a Bed & Breakfast. The consensus was that the question should be referred to the Department of Inspection and Standards.

Jenna Karln- Unite Here Local 217. This group opposed the LA Fitness proposal based on their concerns about treatment of workers at their other facilities. This became a wide-ranging discussion of the proposal, which we had opposed on other grounds.

L.A. Fitness proposal

Providence and Pawtucket Planning Boards also meet tomorrow.

Their revised plan (after planning board requests) was not a large revision (increase from 10 to 14 bike spaces.  No outside seating at all. No benches. Lighting is relatively low but we’ll request that they be dimmed or turned off after hours.  No trees on south side of parking lot minimal landscaping). The plan to put 5 feet tall letters on the North Main side of the building.

A concern was raised that Barrington and East Greenwich can get concessions. Why can’t we?

Lee moved that we send a message similar to the following: “Given the very minimal nature of the response to the concerns we expressed at the last meeting of the Planning Board, the Board of Directors of the SNA feels compelled to oppose the LA Fitness Project. Chris and Sheila seconded. Sheri raised the question of whether we can be confident that the neighborhood is behind this position.  While there will always be differences of opinions on issues like this, the Board felt confident that we were representing the views of the neighborhood here. Motion approved unanimously.

Membership (Michael)

We want to increase our membership

We need to define what membership is. At present it is unclear what makes someone a “member” of SNA.

What is the term of membership?  It is also unclear how long a membership lasts. One option seems most sensible: Calendar year. Jan –Dec. Individual membership terms based on date of joining would be hard to administer.

Tom moved to refer these issues back to the the membership committee, who should report back with their recommendations. Anneliese seconded. Unanimously approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:08PM

Respectfully submitted: Thomas Schmeing, Secretary.


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