Members present: President Dean Weinberg, Vice President Jesse Polhemus, Treasurer Harriet Hemphill, Grant Dulgarian, Kerry Kohring (acting secretary), Daniel MacLellan, Britt Page, Sheila Perlow, Peter Sandby-Thomas, Thomas Schmeling.
Advisory Board member present: David Kolsky
Guest: Bob Mathiesen

-Called to order about 7 p.m. by Weinberg, reports online vote keeps meeting time at 7 p.m. Requests Mike McGlynn post meeting time on web site.

-Minutes of previous meeting approved unanimously. Treasurer’s report by Hemphill approved unanimously.

-Weinberg proposes “announcement” feature for listserv to be separate from discussion and markets features just for announcements of SNA events. Approved with opt-out choice for listserv members.

-Reminder of city parking-ban meeting next night with format of SNA introduction by Weinberg aided by Polhemus. Noted that mayor has declined to participate.

-Music festival committee working on holding first planning meeting

-DIY workshop report notes speaker “phenomenal” but only three people attended. Better advertising of events said to be essential and Polhemus to rethink approach. Also noted that summer social events planning needs ideas and person to be in charge.

-North Main Street grant payments to be submitted within deadlines by Weinberg. Hired consultant meeting with advisory board and other groups on specific design features, but RI Public Transit Authority unresponsive to NMS panel, which is seeking to unify the district

-Yard Sale report by Polhemus cites coming meeting at his house to divide responsibilities and report by next board meeting. Payment checks by early participants to be held until details more certain.

-Community gardening report notes coming meeting with city parks official Bob McMahon at 4:30 Tuesday, June 19, at tot lot on Summit Avenue to discuss feasibility

-Lippitt Park report by Schmeling cites lack of progress. Polhemus to join committee in seeking meeting with McMahon. Schmeling to ask for money offered by outside group and move it into restricted fund in SNA accounts. MacLellan reports that he is on city payroll at $65/week to clean the park.

-Utility-pole sign proliferation report suggests task force under Anthony Arrigo to explore police response with legal remedy possible relating to people who have identification on signs. Subject to remain on agenda.

-Membership committee ready to order response postcards, but difficulty getting database response from Jim Barfoot. Schmeling to request Barfoot transmit database to board control and Page to manage. Hemphill (with Mary Ann Rossoni assistance) to chair committee, which was voted unanimously to be made a permanent standing committee.

-Newsletter to appear in late August or early September to feature yard sale. Suggestions made for candidates night focusing on general election and perhaps October social event.

-Compassion group at Miriam Hospital for community leaders discussed by Perlow, seeks another SNA board member participation. Meets at 1 p.m. first Tuesday of each month. Anyone interested contact Weinberg or Perlow.

-Crime Watch effort seems to be dead, with no one from SNA involved in leadership. Mathiesen speaks in favor of revitalizing group.

-Snow-shoveling committee of Schmeling and Page to meet, compose request for volunteers to be published in September newsletter.

Adjourn at 8:45 p.m.

Submitted by Kohring.


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