Board members present: MaryAnn Rossoni, Jennifer Trayner, Grant Dulgarian, Jesse Polhemus, Dean Weinberg, Claude Goldman, Kerry Kohring, Brad Pelletier, Tom Schmeling, Sheila Perlow, Dan McClellan.

Guest: Wayne Rosenberg

  1. Minutes of the last board meeting were approved.
  2. Treasurer’s report was approved.
  3. There will be an on-line trial vote regarding 7:00 or 7:30 for board meeting starting times.
  4. A meeting of the Narragansett Bay Commission regarding construction issues will be on Wednesday, May 23rd at 6:00 at Rochambeau Library.
  5. An overnight parking meeting will occur on June 19th at 7:00 pm at Summit Commons.
  6. The Summit Music Festival will be held on Saturday, August 18th, from 1-5 pm.
  7. The next do-it-yourself workshop–Urban Beekeeping– will be held at Rochambeau Library on Tuesday, May 22nd at 7:00 pm. Yet to be announced: workshop on gardens and mosquito prevention. Shredding events have occurred at McCoy Stadium and RI Credit Union across from the State House within the last month. SNA will solicit the list-serve for additional event suggestions.
  8. A motion was approved to spend $250 on trees for North Main Street.
  9. The Yard Sale Committee will meet on Wednesday, June 13th at Jesse’s house. The Church of the Redeemer site has been confirmed.
  10. A Community Gardens Letter was sent to the Parks Department, dated May 14th, 2012, prioritizing the Ninth Street lot. The next meeting of this committee has not yet been announced.
  11. Tom will chair the Lippitt Park committee. The meeting, TBA, will discuss benches, trash pickup/recycling, and signage.
  12. Wayne Rosenberg has lived at 287 Rochambeau since 2002 in a house built in 1743. Ever since enhanced 911 went into effect, the siren noise from fire, police and rescue vehicles has been unbearable. Wayne is looking into a decibel limit on sirens, as well as a policy on reduced or no volume in residential areas. He will do research and get back to the Board.
  13. By-laws revision(s) will be drafted by Tom and Brad and brought to the next board meeting.
  14. The Membership Committee, consisting of Harriet and Mary Ann,developed a membership postcard to be mailed to members upon receipt of annual dues. A motion was approved to spend between $60 and $75 to print 500 pieces.
  15. The annual renewal letter will be sent in October.
  16. Website updates/maintenance have been completed by Michael Glynn.
  17. A motion was approved to commit no more than $500 for two SNA banners: one 6′ table banner and one two-sided overhead street banner.
  18. The Spring Newsletter will be printed this week.
  19. There was nothing to report from the Crime Watch Committee.
  20. Re: the North Main Street Committee: Consultant Jonathan Harris is involved in the entire Broad Street-North Main Street-Pawtucket Rapid Bus Route project with RIPTA. Discussion ensued regarding raised crosswalks, curb extensions, and bus stop locations. The second public meeting will be at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, May 30th, at 393 Broad Street (just before the intersection with Elmwood Avenue).

Respectfully submitted,

Grant Dulgarian

Typed by Liz.