Summit Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting

September 17, 2018


Present: Erik Christiansen, Anneliese Greenier, Ethan Gyles, Anna Highsmith, Sandra Lee, Britt Page, Laura Ramsey, Kathleen Rourke, Tom Schmeling, Dean Weinberg

Absent: John Pettinelli, Read Porter, Sharon Lee Waldman

Guests: Grant Dulgarian

Additions: Anna asks to add to the agenda a discussion of the SNA pamphlet under ongoing business.

Minutes: Approval of August meeting minutes. Dean moved, Anneliese seconded. Approved.


  1. Program and Committee Reports:

Events Committee

Yard Sale: Kathy raises possibility of rainout. No rain date is really possible, so we’ll try to hold it even if the weather is poor.

Fall Movie Night: Possibly Friday Oct. 19th for Fright Night Lite.

New Business:

  1. 2018+ Priorities Session

Presentation of ideas generated online

At the start of discussion, Anneliese notes the post office pickup and thank you notes should be on the list under ongoing operations. Ethan added them to the list.

Britt presents an SNA Financial Summary, May 2016 through September 17, 2018. Discussion followed.

Key conclusion is that we spend twice as much as we take in each year. Either SNA needs to take in more revenue or spend a lot less, and for the time being the reserve needs to remain.

Britt moves to keep a reserve of at least $8000, Anna seconded it. Discussion followed. All in favor, motion carries.

Membership Committee Update: Tom explains recent actions taken to improve the membership database. The Board needs to establish a dues structure before anything else can be done.

Tom moves $15 min. for individual, $25 for household, Anna seconded, motion carries unanimously.

Run through the list of 55 ideas, asking for volunteer leaders. Ideas with no volunteers will be tabled for now.

After going through the list and assigning leaders to ideas or tabling them, the consensus is to end the discussion with the understanding that at the October meeting we will go over the list again in order to make choices regarding expenditures and perhaps table more of the list.

Newsletter discussion inconclusive, tabled until October meeting.

Erik moves to adjourn, seconded by Ethan. Adjourned at 9:05.

Next meeting on Monday, October 15th.