Summit Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting

September 18, 2017


Present: Erik Christiansen, Anneliese Greenier, Anne Holland, Britt Page, John Pettinelli, Laura Ramsey, Tom Schmeling, Emily Spitzman, Sharon Lee Waldman, Dean Weinberg

Absent: Kim Clark, Ethan Gyles, Kerry Kohring, Lee Clasper-Torch

Guests: Colin Grimsey, Jani Benoit, Seth Izzi, Michael Kenney.  After introductions, discussion of Building Enclosure Science (Seth Izzi and Michael Kenney) moving in at 829 N. Main and their renovations and plans for the business.  Also discussion of N. Main St. Merchants Association and what they have done and could do in the future.  Seth and Michael mentioned their ideas for traffic calming, new traffic signals, other ways to make the area along N. Main St., between Branch Ave. and Rochambeau, safer and more pedestrian friendly.

Minutes: Approval of August meeting minutes. Dean moved to approve, Sharon seconded.

President’s Report: None, Ethan absent.

Treasurer’s Report: Big expense was for compass plaque, about a thousand dollars. Four new members last month too, and about $100 in checks for yard sale so far. Perhaps $240 total with online registrations included.

Membership Committee: John Pettinelli announced he will be taking over as chair of the committee.

Summit Park/ Community garden: Mayor Elorza will come for a ribbon cutting ceremony once the playground is finished. This is planned for Wednesday, Oct 25th. Other renovations are complete.

Newsletters: Kerry is absent, no report. Anneliese mentions we need more people to distribute.  Some call needs to go out for volunteers.  Most distributors live in the northern end of the neighborhood. Sharon will post to SNA listserv, and ask volunteers to contact SNAprov@gmail.com

Events Committee:

Yard sale: Anne brought cards to distribute, and suggested putting them on cars (or house doors). John will distribute at the Saturday farmer’s market. Anne also attended the Hope St. Merchants meeting to discuss the yard sale and noted they are beginning a diversity training program for businesses on Hope St., in partnership with the JCC.  She also started an Instagram account to promote the yard sale and future SNA events. Henry Bear’s Park is donating 100 blown-up balloons. Turquoise and orange colored balloons were preferred so as to match SNA website colors. A discussion of who will supply the SNA table and banner, set up, and sit there during the yard sale. Still needs to be sorted out, but Dean will look for the SNA’s tent and report back to Anne.

Movies in Lippitt Park: Emily reports that the Providence Children’s Film Festival’s screening at Brown St. Park was cancelled due to rain, so SNA is getting their movies and set up for an Oct. 20th event at Lippitt Park for free. We are not sure if they will create a poster or if we will need to do it.  Providence Department of Arts and Culture is sponsoring these movie nights all over PVD, so this could be an easy series to continue in Summit.

Cooking Contest Wednesday, Oct. 25th is the tentative date, 6pm. Noted that this is the same date as the ribbon cutting for the Summit Ave. playground, but there should be time for both.  There will be a costume parade for the kids, but no contest. Prizes will be needed for the cooking contest. Motion for up to $200 in expenses and prizes made by Dean. Britt seconded. All approved. The events committee will soon set the ingredient, perhaps cranberries. Poster from past years can be used.

Ongoing business:

Keep Summit Beautiful signs: Should be going up soon, once a method of installation is decided.

Lippitt Fountain compass plaque: Paid for, received, but not yet installed.

New business:

Colin Grimsey and Jani Benoit presented their idea for a neighborhood open garden walk in June 2018.  Colin explained how other towns have put these together as a way of building community. He also noted that gardening seems to be an increasingly popular activity in Summit, so this would be a chance for local gardeners to show their neighbors what they’ve done.  The consensus was that this was a wonderful idea and expressed support. Specifically, SNA likely would help to recruit volunteers and provide a modest amount of money for promotion and for the limited up-front costs such as printing simple brochures/maps.

Adjournment: Sharon moves to adjourn, Dean seconded. All in favor.

Next Meeting Monday, October 16th.