Summit Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting

March 19, 2018


Present: Erik Christiansen, Anneliese Greenier, Ethan Gyles, Britt Page, John Pettinelli, Laura Ramsey, Tom Schmeling, Emily Spitzman, Sharon Lee Waldman

Absent: Lee Clasper-Torch, Anne Holland, Sandra Lee, Dean Weinberg

Guests: Grant Dulgarian, Karen Amann, Tom Amann, Olin Thompson, Read Porter.

Minutes: Approval of February meeting minutes. Tom moved, Anneliese seconded. Approved.

New business: Sharon and Olin, from Jewelry District Association, presented information about the pending I-195 proposals. First is the Fane Proposal, which includes a 46 story-tall residential building near the pedestrian bridge. Costs of construction are similar here as to Boston, but rents are 1/3, so it’s difficult to develop. Consequently, many perceive that the commission is doing very little, but they are active. Pressure from construction unions and from elected officials who want the land sold so the debt doesn’t become public debt.  The tower would be the tallest in the state, and would be for luxury apartments, with parking garage on lower floors. The plan calls for reduction of planned park space.  They explained the approval process and opportunities for public comment and participation, which includes city council approval. They also explained the main objections, including spot zoning for this one development, and altering the park and river walk area. Discussion followed.

President’s Report: The Board of Parks Commissioners met this morning and unanimously approved the renaming of Summit Ave Park as Kerry Kohring Park.

Treasurer’s Report: No substantial activity. Two new memberships this month. Dean should be handing off Quickbooks account next month.

Membership Committee: John and Tom reported on their difficulties using the Neon system. Tom suggests that it’s more than we need, and it’s expensive.  He thinks we can use a simpler and cheaper platform, and he volunteers to maintain a database as long as we create a webform for memberships. Ethan will cancel the Neon service as soon as possible. Tom Amann also volunteered to look into database possibilities.

Newsletter Committee: The newsletter is printed, bagged, and distributed to the distributors. Discussion of how to better inform distributors that the newsletter is arriving imminently. This will be a one-page newsletter, and board members will work to collectively contribute to a longer one in the summer.  Sharon suggests asking for poetry or art contributions.

Snow Brigade: Continues to function very well as the snow continues.

Nominating Committee: Tom reports that he emailed the listserv about nominations and the annual meeting. Lunch for prospective board members on April 15th. Tom needs to know who is returning and who is not. For the luncheon, the board approves an expenditure of $10/person, assuming approximately 10 people.

Events Committee: Ethan reports on Hope Street Festival, potential undebate, and potential park renaming. Anneliese and John volunteer to staff HS festival table (and Sandra had volunteered last month).

Summit Community Garden:  Read reports the fee is increasing this year, because costs have increased. In particular, a garden manager will be hired (modest stipend and a free plot).  Plot fees will be $30/year this year, up from $25 last year. Two events this year too, an Earth Day event in April and a solstice event in June. Anneliese moves to increase the fee, John seconds, and the motion is passed unanimously. Read notes that the SNA also needs to approve the new slate of garden officers (five total). Erik moves to approve the slate, Anneliese seconds, all in favor.

North Burial Ground: Jane’s Walk again on May 5th.

Ongoing Business:

  1. Annual meeting preparations: Anneliese reports on ongoing discussions and supplies needs. Ethan invited all local elected officials, awaiting firm replies.
  2. “Keep Summit Beautiful” signs: John reports that he will start hanging the signs, as soon as he picks them up from Dean. There should be one hanging outside Seven Stars.
  3. Lippit Drinking Fountain fundraising: Ethan reports that fundraising has begun, advertised in the newsletter.
  4. Summit-Mt. Hope community-building: Nothing new, but the plan is for co-hosting candidate forums/un-debates.

New Business:

Ward 3 Community Meeting: March 28th meeting at MLK Elementary, hosted by Nirva.

Adjournment: Tom moved to adjourn. Sharon seconded. Adjourned.

Next Meeting Monday, April 16th