Summit Neighborhood Association 

Board of Directors Meeting

February 25, 2019

Attendance: Read Porter, Erik Christiansen, Anneliese Greenier, Ethan Gyles, Tom Schmeling, Britt Page, Sharon Lee Waldman

Guests: Grant Dulgarian, Olinda Urizar, Michael Carllozzi, Alexis Teagarden, Zachary Barnes, EJ McQuade, Yarrow Thorne

Avenue Project: Yarrow Thorne came to explain how their non-profit organization works, what they do for communities and organizations, and how it might work in Lippitt Park. He discussed possible funding mechanisms, including the RI Foundation, which has community grants focused on public spaces. Next step is for board to decide what kind of budget is possible, what kind of art would be desirable, and where it might be installed.

Additions to agenda: Brief discussion, between Grant and Ethan, about Miriam Hospital and its planning process, but nothing added to the agenda for today.

January minutes: Approved.

President’s Report: Ethan reports we received a $1500 Senate grant from Gayle Goldin, earmarked for the drinking fountain in Lippitt Park. He also introduced the subject of the meeting location and brought up possibilities of moving to Rochambeau Library or other places. Consensus is that the current location is less than ideal, and we will work on finding something better.

Program and Committee Reports:

Treasurer’s Report: Britt presented the SNA financial summary through the current month.

Bylaws Committee: Tom informed the board that the bylaws are available to the committee to look at and comment. The hope is to have changes made before the annual meeting so that they can be approved by the membership.

Membership Committee: Tom says the membership database is now up to date and Read has fixed the website so that we are informed when new members join. Tom proposes that we launch a membership drive now that the website is up and running. He also mentions the newsletter membership form needs to match the online form.

Newsletter Committee: Ethan reminds everyone that the newsletter deadline is this week, but says he’ll ask Art for an extension of roughly two weeks to March 18th. Erik has agreed to take over as newsletter editor contingent upon someone else becoming secretary after April.  Discussion of content followed.

Events Committee: No one/nothing to report.

North Main Street Committee: Need to check with Laura about the status of the open letter to Trader Joe’s as discussed at the January meeting.

Website: Read reports on the changes he has made to the SNA website. He mentions some of the pages need updating, in particular the history page. People can also sign up for an e-newsletter on the site now.

Community Garden: Read reports that planting will begin in about a month, so gardeners are doing the paperwork now.

New Business:

Nominating Committee: Sharon, Anneliese, and Erik volunteered to serve. Tom moves to authorize $150 for lunch for new members. Erik seconded. Approved.

New secretary: to be determined.

Annual Meeting prep: Highlands needs to be contacted to set the date. Food and drinks need to be ordered. Anneliese will set it up.

Ongoing Business:

“Keep Summit Beautiful” signs: These need to be installed before John and Dean leave the board.

Drinking fountain project: Ethan reports that he heard back from Wendy Nilsson finally, and she told him about a $5000 grant that Nirva has directed to pay for the fountain. That puts us in the ballpark of the $10,000 to $12,000 estimates ($6000 from Miriam Hospital, $1000+ from donations, $1500 Senate grant). 

2018+ Priorities Session: Ethan has posted the spreadsheet online so that everyone can edit and add new information. The goal is to be able to present something more formally to the annual meeting.


Next meeting March 18th.