Summit Neighborhood Association 

Board of Directors Meeting

April 22, 2019

Attendance: Erik Christiansen, Anneliese Greenier, Ethan Gyles, Anna Highsmith, Kathleen O’Rourke, Britt Paige, Read Porter, Laura Ramsey, Tom Schmeling, Sharon Lee Waldman, Dean Weinberg

Guests: Grant Dulgarian

Additions to agenda: None

March minutes: Approved with minor correction.

President’s Report: Ethan gave a brief reminder and update about the Annual Meeting.

Program and Committee Reports:

Membership Committee: Tom reports that he sent out reminders to renew memberships over the past two days via Facebook and the new website. We now have 79 current members, which is up 10 from two weeks ago.

Treasurer’s Report: Britt handed out the treasurer’s report for the past two months. She noted the rebate from the newsletter printer for the missing content was $150.

North Main Street Committee: Ethan asks Sharon to reach out to the N. Main St. Merchants Association about the Trader Joe’s initiative. Sharon and Dean explain the recent history of the association and what it might take to engage the group on this and other issues. Discussion continued about how to move forward while also making sure other organizations are in agreement. Also discussion about whether SNA could pressure city government to deal with vacant lots. Anna volunteers to email Nirva to begin this conversation.

Community Garden: On Saturday they will have their Earth Day clean up and official opening for the season.

New Business:

Earth Day: Volunteers needed for the city-wide Earth Day clean-up on Saturday.  Meeting at 9am at Billy Taylor Park to figure out how many other places can be cleaned up, including Lippitt Park and N. Main St. Clean-up captains are still needed and should contact Ethan ASAP.

Quarterly City Hall Neighborhood Association Summit report: Tom reports that it was a bit chaotic.  Much of the time was spent by the mayor’s staff pitching the water monetization proposal, followed by complaining from the other participants that they had been asked to bring their neighborhood issues and instead were subjected to the presentation. 

Multi-neighborhood Association “Super Board” planning meeting (not City Hall sponsored): College Hill association called for a meeting. Grant had attended the one last summer. Art Norwalk attended this one, which was mostly focused on organizing.  It has been followed by continued email conversation. Their next meeting will be May 6, 5:30 to 6:45, at the Lippitt House. Sharon will attend.

Ongoing business:

Nominating Committee: Sharon reports that the luncheon at Pizzicco for new members was a success. New board members Zach and Chris attended, along with several current board members. Two other new members, Ariel and Torin, were unable to attend.

Annual Meeting preparations: Volunteers needed: Kathy volunteers to bring five ten-pound bags of ice by 6:30. One or two others needed around 6:30 to help set up. Ethan reviews the draft agenda for the meeting, which should run about 7 to 8:30. The consensus is to extend invitations to speak to Gayle Goldin and Nirva LaFortune, but allow more time to Rebecca Kislak as the newest elected state official. Ethan then reviewed the slate of officers. The Nominating Committee will present the nominees and ask for additional nominees (explaining the duties of a member), and hold a vote by acclamation. Britt mentioned she will be picking up the plaque for the Sheila Perlow award shortly, and discussion followed about how the award should be presented. Tom asks about a Facebook ad for the meeting and the consensus is to buy one. Tom moved to spend $10, Ethan seconds, all approve. 

Avenue Concept public art planning: Britt provides an update following a phone call that she and Laura had with Yarrow of the Avenue Concept.  Next step is to provide more information about SNA’s mission, our desires for public art, and potential locations. Britt and Laura will begin to pull this information together and then circulate a draft to the rest of the board.

HSMA Spring Block Party: June 1st. The merchants’ association suggested that SNA do a parklet instead of the usual table.  We would need some kind of activity, and Ethan suggests that perhaps Avenue Concept could help with that. Britt will raise the possibility with Yarrow.

Additional conversation about the Annual Meeting and the presentation of SNA finances. Discussion focused on what information needs to be shared with the membership. Consensus is to post an annual report on the new website, and encourage people to attend monthly meetings for in depth discussion of SNA finances.

“Keep Summit Beautiful” signs: Dean reports that John has the signs and hardware and they just need to set a date for installation.

Lippitt Park “Little Free Library”: Sharon moves to spend a maximum of $50 for prizes, Tom seconded, all approved.

Drinking water fountain project: Ethan reports that this is now in the Parks Dept queue, and they expect to start construction in July. 

Miriam Hospital master plan/parking questions: Monica Anderson will join us in May for dialogue. However, this Wednesday, 4/24, at 6:00pm, they are having a community meeting about their parking consultant’s report.

North Burial Ground: Jane’s Walk Saturday May 4th, 10-11:30am. Association of Gravestone Studies, Southern New England chapter is holding their annual meeting at the N. Burial Ground on May 18th

2018+ Priorities List: Ethan again requests updates to the list.


Next meeting May 20th.