Summit Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting

April 16, 2018


Present: Erik Christiansen, Lee Clasper-Torch, Anneliese Greenier, Ethan Gyles, Tom Schmeling, Emily Spitzman,

Absent: Anne Holland, Sandra Lee, Britt Page, John Pettinelli, Laura Ramsey, Emily Spitzman, Sharon Lee Waldman, Dean Weinberg

Guests: Mikaila Arthur, Grant Dulgarian, Rebecca Kislak.

Minutes: Approval of March meeting minutes. Tom moved, Lee seconded. Approved.

Candidate Introduction/Q&A: Rebecca Kislak, running for RI House District 4, described her years of advocacy work in Rhode Island and presented her vision for the district and the state. Some of her key issues include bonds for school repair, reproductive rights, fair pay, and small business promotion.

President’s Report: Mayor Elorza will attend the annual meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: $205 in membership income, $72.90 in gardening committee expenses, and a $137.17 annual bill for virtual phone messaging.

Membership Committee: Chair John Pettinelli is not present. Tom mentioned some other software possibilities for maintaining the database. There is some confusion about who is currently maintaining the database, and where it’s housed.

Newsletter Committee: Ethan reports that the deadline for the summer newsletter will be announced next month. Board members again asked to contribute. Possibility of candidate profiles in the summer newsletter along with announcement for forums.

Nominating Committee: Read Porter and Anna Highsmith are the two new nominees. Lunch for prospective board members on April 21st. Tom needs to know who is attending.

Events Committee: Ethan reports that April 28th the city celebrates Earth Day. An event in Kerry Kohring/Summit Ave Park community garden, clean-up, kids activities. Also an event in the North Burial Ground, MLK Elementary, and Billy Taylor Park. Hope Street Festival also upcoming, and two Jane’s Walks on May 5-6.  All could be advertised at the annual meeting on a poster. Anneliese reports on Annual Meeting planning. Pizza delivery at 6:30pm, she has the beer, wine, and soda, needs help getting two twenty pound bags and one ten pound bag. Lee, Ethan, and Erik offered to be there at 6:30 to help. Britt needs to bring credit card machine, Ethan will bring newsletters and ice bags. Content: Aaron Regunberg, Gayle Golden, Jorge Elorza, and Nirva LaFortune will speak, along with Ethan’s review of SNA’s year. Tom will handle the nominations and election. Lee will work up a sign for the upcoming events.

Ongoing Business:

  1. “Keep Summit Beautiful” signs: The map has been created to begin placing the signs.
  2. Lippit Park Drinking Fountain fundraising: Some early donations have come in already.
  3. Summit-Mt. Hope community-building: Ethan met with Eugene Montero of MHNA to talk about Earth Day events. The two groups will cross promote these events.

New Business: Discussion of Budget Priorities: Beginning a longer conversation about what SNA should use collected funds for in the near future. Much of the balance is from grant money, so we first need to know what those grants were for, and whether the money is reserved for a specific purpose.

Adjournment: Erik moved to adjourn. Tom seconded. Adjourned.


Annual Meeting Monday, April 23rd.

Next Board Meeting Monday, May 21st.