Living well as you age was the theme of a presentation to the SNA board by advocates of a “village concept” in which seniors work together to facilitate services while being able to stay in their own homes.

Introduced by SNA member Ralph Mero, organizer Cy O’Neill described the system which was first put in place in Boston’s Beacon Hill and which has since spread across the country. He said the villages are “comprised of member-volunteers and a small professional staff . . . who provide one-call-does-it-all access to the services members need to live safely and confidently in their own homes while staying connected to a supportive community.”

O’Neill said the Providence organizers have an online survey of needs at and he urged people to take a look. He also noted their email address of and a telephone number, 401-441-5240, for further information.

The SNA board agreed to serve as a conduit for interested neighbors and board member Jim Barfoot volunteered to assist.

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