A crew works Sixth Street near Hope

The power saw cuts through the pavement before backhoes dig a trench.

A company employee displays the identification badge all legitimate utility workers must have. She said residents should not admit anyone who does not have such a badge.

A sure sign that winter is over is the appearance of work crews in Summit tearing up the streets to improve services.

Already sharing the neighborhood with the first robins are employees of AGI construction who are cutting the road surface in preparation for National Grid to replace gas lines and install outdoor meters.  The backhoes are scheduled for next week to dig the trenches outlined by the street saws.

The companies have hung yellow tags on the doors of houses on the streets where the work is to be done, notifying residents to expect the crews. In addition, in response to fraudulent attempts to gain access to homes by people posing as workers, the utilities have issued identification badges to their personnel with the name and picture of the worker and the name of the company. A representative of AGI said no resident should allow anyone into his or her home who doesn’t have such an ID.

If in doubt, residents can call National Grid or even the police. The construction supervisor stressed that no one should let anybody in without the proper identification.

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