On the Saturday morning before Easter, more than 100 neighborhood youngsters fanned out in Lippitt Park to hunt for eggs.

In a first-time venture for the Summit Neighborhood Association, a total of about 2,000 plastic Easter eggs were scattered in three zones – marked off by yellow tape – for children to search and crack open eggs with prizes ranging from jellybeans and candy to gift certificates for local merchants.

There was a section for toddlers up to two years old (where the eggs didn’t contain anything so there would be no choking hazards), one for kids two to four years old and one for those older than four. Special eggs had tickets inside that were redeemed at the registration table near the park’s fountain for larger gifts and the certificates from Three Sisters, Frog & Toad, Kreatelier and Creatoyvity.

A total of 134 children were registered, beginning at 8:30 for the hunt that began at 10. Each child got a green admission wrist bracelet, some of which were presented by Cara Jayne Lustig, Miss Rhode Island United States 2013, wearing her badge of office, a jeweled tiara.

Unfortunately, there was some confusion about which children should be where when the searching started. Eggs in the older kids’ section were quickly gathered up and the eager hunters spilled over into the toddler area, resulting in empty eggs in some baskets. Within about 10 minutes, all the eggs “hidden” in all the zones had been discovered.

As the finders of the special eggs were turning in the tickets for their prizes, Mayor Angel Taveras arrived to congratulate the participants and mingle with his constituents. The mayor and Miss Rhode Island posed for pictures with several of the green-shirted SNA volunteers plus other people enjoying the beautiful spring day. Food trucks parked along the adjacent streets offered the opportunity for lunch in the park.

Event organizers acknowledged some difficulties with the process and encourage neighborhood residents to make suggestions on the SNA listserv about how to do it better next year.

Event organizer Anthony Arrigo, left, is joined by Miss Rhode Island United States Cara Jayne Lustig and Providence Mayor Angel Taveras.

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