Here’s an encouraging update on the inclusion of grass strips in any sidewalk replacement scheduled for Ward 3, which includes Summit.  At SNA’s request, our councilman, Kevin Jackson, has coordinated with DPW to revise the sidewalk bids to include grass strips, which should be covered by current funding. We will confirm as the work is scheduled, but this looks like a big win for a walkable streetscape in Summit and Mount Hope !

Attached is the SNA resolution on the grass strips. Read on for the history.

A few weeks ago it was posted that new sidewalks will be going in around Summit and Mount Hope. SNA has obtained the sidewalk list by property address – which you can download from this post – and has reviewed it to ensure it meets the goals of a walkable, sustainable  neighborhood. This is something that neighbors have told SNA repeatedly, at meetings and in surveys, is important.

We found that, although the work plan did not plan to remove the grass strips between the sidewalks and street where they currently exist, they did not explicitly plan to build new grass strips where they did not exist. Since grass strips are an integral part of a healthy and safe streetscape (as recognized by a 2005 addition to City Ordinances), SNA is advocating to the City and the Department of Public Works that they be included in this current sidewalk work order.

You can find the sidewalk work plan as it currently stands attached. The December 8, 2005 City Ordinance is in the Word file as well.


Amy Harrington · July 2, 2006 at 8:10 pm

Is it true that there will not be a single sidewalk on 9th Street repaired?

atear · June 13, 2006 at 1:31 pm

Here is the text of the SNA resolution on sidewalk paving and grass strips, which was sent to the City departments, the Mayor, and City Council representatives.

Summit Neighborhood Association
Board of Directors
Resolution regarding sidewalks
May 18, 2006

Directed to:

Mayor Cicilline,
Mr. John Nichelson, Director of Public Works
Councilman Kevin Jackson, Ward 3


Increasing the number of visibly distinct, permeable and planted strips between paved sidewalks and our residential streets provides a number of public benefits:

– Improves the visual character of the neighborhood with consistent streetscapes.
– Enhances property values.
– Absorbs stormwater, helping to reduce street flooding, erosion and combined sewer overflows in heavy rain.
– Makes sidewalks safer for pedestrians, particularly small children.

And, whereas,

The Providence City Council Resolution of (date) sets a standard and expectation that permeable strips will be installed with new sidewalks.

And, whereas,

It appears that the current publicly funded order for new sidewalks in Ward 3 will not increase and may slightly reduce the number of sidewalks with permeable strips,

Therefore, we resolve:

– That all new sidewalk installations should conform to the standards established by the City Council resolution (date) regarding an unpaved margin between city sidewalks and he curb.
– That neither the city nor its hired contractors conduct or pay for paving of existing grass strips without a compelling public reason beyond homeowner preference.

We further respectfully request:

That the City’s responsible manager of the sidewalk repair project for Ward 3 acknowledge this as a goal and re-submit the work order with permeable strips specified in all but exceptional circumstances. We also request that the revised list, specifically annotated where strips will not be installed and why, be provided to SNA.

atear · June 13, 2006 at 1:17 pm

It is scheduled to be done over the summer, we are not sure of an exact date currently.

Paul Aceto · June 13, 2006 at 12:57 pm

When is this work scheduled to begin?

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