Summit Neighborhood Association’s next Board meeting will be held on Thursday, Oct. 5 at 7PM in the Rochambeau Branch Library. The public is always invited to our meetings.

Our agenda will include preparation for the important task of planning for the future of Summit and the entire city of Providence through the City’s upcoming Providence Tomorrow programs. (See Picture a Better Providence below.) We have learned that the first series of citywide “charrettes” will take place during the week of Oct. 11 through 14., but times and places are yet to be set. Area plans for clusters of 3 or 4 neighborhoods are supposed to follow early next year. Planner Bonnie Nickerson has been invited to bring us up to date on that process on Oct.5.

Also sure to be discussed: final plans for our election-eve Candidates Forum (to be scheduled for the last week of October), updates  on  our North Main Streeet development efforts,  Hillside Health Center and sidewalks.

If you would like to present or suggest an issue for our agenda, please contact me – Jon Howard 331-2272.
At the board’s September meeting this past Monday (Sept. 11), we discussed how to make our Web site more useful to residents. We will explore ways to help residents make sure that their requests for solutions and assistance are both heard and remembered through confidential online tools for contacting key institutions like the police, city services and local institutions. If you have other ideas, please comment.
Providence Tomorrow, the City of Providence’s program to engage the entire citizenry of Providence in the task of revising our citywide Comprehensive Plan, has scheduled a series of “citywide charettes” for the week of Oct. 11 through 14. Detials on times, places and agendas are yet to be provided. According to plans laid out by the city last spring and summer, the fall sessions will ask large questions about the desired future of the entire city. The city has a special web site for Providence Tomorrow,, which is, unfortunately, suffering technical difficulties as of today (Sept. 13).
Early next year, the city will undertake a series of area planning efforts, combining 3 or 4 of Providence’s 25 recognized neighborhoods.