An attorney for the receiver in charge of the bankrupt Hillside Health Center described inquiries from two housing developers interested in the former nursing home and assisted living buildings between Chace and Hillside Avenues. The Center has been empty since being shut down by the RI Health Department a year ago.

SNA Emeritus Board member Liz Cameron called Attorney Rick Land at Winograd, Sachs and Shine for information about Hillside Health Center. Winograd, Sachs and Shine is the receiver for Hillside and made a determined effort to keep the old nursing home in operation before the Health Department finally shut it down a year ago. Liz shared this report.

“Rick was very open and informative. The law firm has been marketing Hillside, while trying to keep up security, etc. He hopes there are no complaints about the way it looks at the moment. He says they have been trying to keep it looking good.
” Several people are interested. There is a possibility, but not probability, that it would remain a nursing home.
“One interested party is Omni (Development Corp., a non-profit builder), as Rep. Gordon Fox told us at the SNA Annual Meeting two weeks ago. Omni develops low and moderate income housing.
“The present mortgage holder, I think he said Suburban Mortgage, is seeking permission from Superior Court to be allowed to consider the amount of the mortgage owed as a bid. That amount is about $14 million. The hearing is tomorrow at 9:30 in Superior Court, if anyone wants to go (possibly Courtroom 13? You’ll have to check on that one.). Anyway, if the Court agrees to that, the building will probably stay vacant for awhile longer till they decide what to do with it.
“Another interested party is Davenport Realty Trust, from the Cape. Davenport is probably interested in housing or mixed use.
“The hearing to allow the receiver to sell is on April 3rd. I think that is the day we will learn who has bought the property. That, too, is in Superior Court and anyone can attend.
“As I said, I think (and hope) this information is what I was told. I was getting a bit confused, so if anything is incorrect, blame me.
“Our timing is good. I’ll call him on April 4th and get an update.”