A neighbor has brought to the Board’s attention what may be a local car service station dumping their used oil on our streets. I checked it out before the snow fell. You can clearly see the stains.
Oil dumping stains Jan 06 - M.Tuck
The neighbor says, and it seems as though, someone in a truck drives up and down the streets with a open bucket just letting the oil drip and pour out. Pouring on east-to-west streets that drain well, Dexterdale and Edgehill, and not pouring on Summit and Camp, which don’t run downhill. The current stain starts (or ends) just west of North Main Street on Edgehill, runs up the 2 blocks, stops for the length of 1 block of Summit then continues the 2 blocks of Dexterdale (moving east) However, the neighbor said it happened a few more times through the years, once from Dexterdale all the way to the SOUTH end of Camp.

Remember, this could be a local business disposing of the oil, the disposal company disposing of the oil or a business or neighbor from somewhere else disposing of the oil. Once I walked it, though, I was convinced it was not just a leaking car, it is too regular, including one block where it zigzags the entire block, almost like someone was on the back of a pick-up truck rolling a large jug back and forth. If it were a car with a leak, the leak would be less oil and continuous, not stopping for the block of Summit.

This occurrence seemed to have happened at least a month ago because the staining is slight how, having been washed away by weather.

Everyone needs to keep watch, in the middle of the night and for new stains so we can get DEM, etc. immediately. The neighbor called DEM and the City a month ago or so when it happened, I will check on their progress. I am hoping that, in posting this on the website, someone else will have noticed it and provide more information.