Public meeting on North Main Street’s future Wednesday, July 11 at 7PM at Sandwich Hut, 1253 North Main Street – please join us.

Volunteers with the SNA North Main Street have been busy reaching out to stakeholders over the last few months, gathering information, ideas and input that our consultant, Gates, Leighton and Associates, can incorporate in their plans and drawings of a future North Main Street.

Join us on July 11 to talk with Randy Collins of GLA about his plans for first draft drawings. We will meet again on July 25 and August 8 to review the drawings as they evolve.

We are very pleased that Ray Watson, Executive Director of Mt. Hope Neighborhood Association and Chris Lopes, President of the Mt. Hope Board, have joined our steering committee for this project. Any new development must help to address the needs of Mt. Hope residents, including affordable housing, new employment and outdoor recreation.
Over the last two months, we’ve had conversations with Chief Operating Officer Sandra Coletta of Miriam Hospital, with Alix Ogden, Supertendent of the Parks Department, with the board and leadership of Mt. Hope Neighborhood Association, with Carla DeStefano of the nonprofit housing development group SWAP, with Steven Lewinstein, co-owner and developer of the former Sears/Anderson Little site. We’ve held a meeting of business owners at the Penalty Box and we’ve attended the Mt. Hope Greenup. Two weeks ago we had a very productive talk with Director of Planning and Development Thom Deller and our planner for Summit and Mt. Hope, Bonnie Nickerson.