Executives of Radius Management Group met with residents of Hillside and Chace Avenues on August 21 to clarify the present status of the property and share their future plans for working with neighbors. Briefly, Radius won the auction for the bankrupt property, but will not formally close until they are assured of approval to re-open the facility as a nursing home, their main business. They expect a decision by October. We will pass on any future meeting dates as we learn of them. 

John Smithers, the point person for neighbors on this matter over the last year or more, provided these notes on the meeting from Radius executive Chritine Bassett.

 Radius Management Services, Inc.


To: John Smithers

From:   Christine Bassett 

Date:    August 21, 2007

Subj:    Summary Notes from the Radius/Hillside Neighbors Meeting of 8/20/07

Radius expressed their pleasure in meeting with their future neighbors and anticipated a cordial relationship as they moved forward with this project. 

It was stressed that Radius Management Services had won the bid to purchase the former Hillside Nursing Facility, but had not closed on the property. 

This facility ceased operations in June 2004.  If Rhode Island Department of Health approvals are received, an October 2007 closing date is anticipated.

The facility is licensed for 165 skilled nursing beds and also has 32 Assisted Living apartments. 

Radius hopes to open the nursing building (gradually, unit by unit) in January 2008 after extensive clean up, and some rehab and renovation.  The Assisted Living building will remain closed for the foreseeable future.  This phased opening could take 1 year to 18 months to complete. 

The patient care areas will accommodate the needs of short-stay rehab patients, individuals with chronic conditions needing 24-hour care, and a special “Candlewood” unit for memory impaired and Alzheimer’s care.

Plan preceding the opening:

  • Work with Providence Building Department to ensure adherence to codes; same for Fire Marshall
  • Elevator upgrades to code
  • Employ a Security Company to secure the property during renovation, and probably thereafter.  Plans for security will include cameras, an alarm system, door sensors, etc
  • Upgrade the parking areas – define parking areas
  • Extensive cleanup of the interior and exterior of building Landscaping to prune trees and redesign the perimeter plantings
  • Investigate venting system in the kitchen to mitigate odors
  • Enclose dumpster area
  • Schedule a meeting for interested neighbors, in the facility – probably 1 – 2 months after the closing (subject to staffing availability and progress with the property)
  • Work with neighbors to address noise issues with future staff as well as “lingering” or “improper use” of parking lot area

Going forward, the Executive Director once appointed, will monitor employee-parking issues, vendor delivery schedules, upkeep of the property, and maintain contact with our neighbors on both Hillside and Chace Avenues.  In the interim, Dolores Schermer, Vice President of Operations, will serve as contact for the neighborhood, with John Smithers as neighborhood group representative.  Radius Management hopes to appoint an Executive Director within 2 – 3 months.