Fans of the SNA newsletter, we need some help.

The first edition of 2013 is scheduled to hit the streets in time to announce the annual meeting on Feb. 25, but we are having difficulty getting it delivered to all the households in our neighborhood.

All we need is at most a couple of hours of your time. We drop off a packet of newsletters at your house and you get to take a walk, delivering one to each of your neighbors. It’s good exercise (you could pay a lot for the same workout at a gym) and you frequently have a chance to chat with old friends or meet new ones.

We have set delivery routes and usually can match volunteers with destinations near their homes. The number of newsletters allocated corresponds to the concentration of residences in a set area and we try to have only as many as can be delivered in an hour.

So please give us a hand – and your feet.

Contact Liz Cameron at, phone 305-5484, or Kerry Kohring at, phone 272-6323.

It’s a really easy way to help improve the quality of life in Summit.

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Abby Jacobson · January 19, 2013 at 4:39 pm

Looking forward to helping out!

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