June 15 – Although we haven’t seen specifics, the city is planning to hold three major meetings to share and begin the new citywide planning process. We’ll post more information – but watch the news. These could be very important.

Over the summer, you should be seeing new surveys from the Department of Planning and Development, a new website and information pamphlets about the city and its neighborhoods, according to Linda Painter, Deputy Director of DPD. These are the first steps toward a citywide planning process described as “open and inclusive” by the Mayor and his staff at a preview for neighborhood activists on May 30. The full city presentation lays out concepts and key dates. Providence Tomorrow, June 06, Dept. of Planning and Development

We like the way Roanoke, VA, has included all neighborhoods in its planning process for the last 20 years with great success. Check out what Roanoke’s neighborhood plans look like.

A key feature of the process will be neighborhood “charrettes,” or intensive three- to five-day workshops in the neighborhoods to translate the desires and concerns of residents and owners into plans.  Those plans detail what needs to be saved, what needs to be changed and what kinds of change we want. They should also should set out strategies, legislation and programs to achieve those goals, what the city calls “a feasible plan that represents transformative community change” in its presentation. The charrettes will begin in January.

Between now and then, there will be at least two fall “citywide charrettes.” In September, the topic will be “Great City, Great Neighborhoods.” In November, the citywide discussion will address “Where do we grow from here?”

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Aaron Masri · June 19, 2006 at 10:43 am

Does anyone know the exact meeting schedule?

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