CHNA Electronics Recycling Collection Event –  Saturday, January 28  9AM – 1PM  Hope High School

A great opportunity to recycle all of those electronic components that we all have in our homes!  Finally a great solution!
CHNA has secured Metech Recycling for this event.  Metech provides secure shredding of all data containing devices.  In addition to data devices, they accept:   Audio & Video Tapes, Batteries, Cameras, Cell Phones, Circuit Boards, Complete Computer Systems, Computer Mouse, Copy Machines, CPU, Data Cartridges, DLT Tapes, Docking Stations, External Drives, Modems, Fax Machines, Floppy Drives, Keyboards, LCD Flat Screens, Laptops, Microwaves, Monitors, Printers, Projectors, Scanners, Slide Projectors, Stereos, Speakers, Tape Drives, Telephone Systems, TVs, VCR/DVD Players, Work Stations.  Mark the date on your calendar.  Additional information to follow.
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