The proposal is to knock down the Clarke Florist building and erect a new building for a coffee shop, which would include a drive-through.  Given its proximity to Summit Neighborhood and that the lot is not currently zoned for a drive-through, we are hoping to gain some insight into how our neighbors would prefer this project to proceed.  The project needs a zoning variance to include a drive-through, and many neighbors have already expressed concern for potential increased car and foot traffic, not to mention its closeness to Hope High School.

Have an opinion?  Please comment here and/or on the listserv.

Also, there are two meetings to attend to voice your concerns.  This evening there will be a meeting, with the new owner in attendance, at the YMCA on Hope Street (421 Hope St) at 6:30pm.

The zoning meeting will be held on August 16 at 5:30pm, at City Hall, 5th Floor (25 Dorrance St).

Look for other members of SNA at both meetings and join forces!

There will be a meeting Thursday, August 12 at 6:30pm regarding this issue.


Dean W · August 13, 2010 at 11:34 am

I should also add that the drive-thru portion of the plan was possibly what drew the greatest opposition here. Neighbors very much do not want a drive-thru at this location. The owner of Brewed Awakening made it clear that the drive-thru is a critical aspect of the project economically.

Dean W · August 13, 2010 at 11:13 am

Quick report from the meeting:

Brewed Awakenings was represented at the meeting by its owner, David Levesque, an attorney, and a traffic study expert. They each presented on what they were trying to do with this project and on the general history and personality of the company.

Also presenting was Tim Shartner, the current business owner at the location. He let everyone know that he was in a tough spot with the commercial loan on the business, and that he very much wanted to do right by the neighborhood, of which he is a resident.

The neighbors in attendance expressed their thoughts and feelings throughout the meeting, most of which were against this specific business moving in. Many to most of the crowd seemed against any type of business moving in at this location, as it is currently zoned Residential 3. Many expressed hopes that a developer would put residential housing in the location.

Also in attendance were members of the SNA board, attorney Stephen Litwin, who spoke at length to describe the current state of affairs zoning-wise as well as his own opinions on the future of the project, and Speaker of the House Gordon Fox, who said a few words about the situation.

If the same amount of neighbors show up at the zoning meeting on Monday, it seems like this project will have a tough time getting the required variance.

The role of the Summit Neighborhood Association is to advocate for its neighbors, and those neighbors have made it clear that they are mostly against this type of business coming to this specific location. Those sentiments are seen currently on the listserv and through comments made at last night’s meeting. Members of the SNA board will certainly be in attendance at Monday’s meeting to advocate.

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