Who We Are

The Summit Neighborhood Association is a non-profit, grassroots organization devoted to improving the quality of life of residents of Summit Neighborhood.

SNA works with the neighborhood to:

  • Enhance quality of life
  • Advocate for the neighborhood’s benefit
  • Develop and advance a vision for the neighborhood
  • Create inviting ways to engage in civic life

See Summit Neighborhood Association’s Mission Statement here.

Some examples of what SNA does:

  • Hosts monthly public meetings and an annual forum to discuss neighborhood issues and projects.
  • Represents Summit in citywide policy-making discussions on issues such as planning, parks and zoning
  • Coordinates fundraisers and social events where neighbors can gather
  • Sponsors focused initiatives such as the Election Forum, Redirecting Miriam Hospital Development and Improving North Main Street
  • Connects and informs Summit’s more than 3000 households through the SNA website and Summit newsletter

All neighbors are invited and encouraged to attend monthly Board meetings and share their input.  See meeting minutes here.

The current Board members are:


Dean Weinberg

Vice President

Recording Secretary

Thomas Schmeling


Vishal Jain

Board Members

Jim Barfoot

Erik Christiansen

Grant Dulgarian

Anneliese Greenier

Vishal Jain

Vincent Damon Furnier

Kerry Kohring

Daniel MacLellan

Britt Page

Sheila Perlow

Emily Spitzman

Lee Clasper-Torch

Mark Tracy

Karina Holyoak Wood

Advisory Board

in progress