Guest: Adam Tilove, head of Jewish Community Day School of Rhode Island.

Need approval
Changing spelling of Jim Kelley’s name in SNA nonprofit status

  • Sheila moved, Anneliese seconded, passed unanimously

Treasurer report

  • Sheila moved, Peter seconded, passed unanimously

Committee report

Events: $6500 brought in from SNA Music Festival

  • Have to pay park ranger $210
  • Pay body painter
  • Harriet moved $500-$1000 for spending for the festival. Joan seconded, passed unanimously
  • Other notes for the event:
    • Mayor speaking at 3:30pm
    • Kids Karate, tent for table
    • Anthony to update email list with signups at events

Upcoming Events

  • House Tour/Walking Tour
  • Ladies Wine Night
  • Yard Sale: Britt, Sept. 21

North Main Project

  • Work on Smithfield Avenue is in the works
  • $220,000 from the Narragansett Bay Commission
  • Grant: wants a breakdown of how the money is spent

Adjournment at 7:58pm


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