The meeting was called to order at 7:00PM

Guests: Senator Gayle Golden, Leanne (Last name) coalition homeless, Miriam Ross. Naoimi Foster (Forrest St), Leslie (neighbors). Pernilla (HSMA)

Minutes. The minutes of the July meeting were unanimously approved on a motion by Britt, seconded by Sheila.

Treasurers Report. (Anneliese).This month we received $329 in membership dues.  The report was unanimously approved on a motion by Joan, seconded by Tom

Music Fesitival. The weather for the event looks good as of today. We have a great event planned.  Dean asked for $500 contingency fund to use if needed, though it probably won’t be. Joan moved, Tom seconded. Unanimous.

The candidate forums went well.  Thanks were made to all who helped put them together.

Yard Sale (Britt). Ten people have signed up so far. We are on track for good turnout. Musical Group Rising will perform. We still need volunteers for setup.

Membership Committee (Michael). The committee has revised the online membership form.  They will work on connecting it to the database.

Events. Dean again encouraged people to come up with events. No new events were put forward.

Hope Street Merchants. (Pernilla) The Cyclovia is scheduled for 9/7. This is a joint venture of the city and Hope Street Merchants Assn., and is sponsored by Miriam Hospital. The city is taking care of permitting.  Hope St. will be closed from Rochambeau to Lippitt park.  The Rochambeau branch library will sponsor a Mutt Strut at 2pm. Dress your dog as a literary character.  Entertainment.  Lippitt park activities.  Dean suggested an open mic.  Jim moves Vishal second. Unanimous.

HSMA is also working on solar powered streetlights.

North Main Street. There is nothing to report at this time.  A meeting of the committee is being scheduled.

Newsletter. There was no report, as Kerry was absent

Guest Senator Gayle Golden. Jim asked her to update on homeless situation. She reported on efforts that are being made to address homelessness and affordable housing. She created a conveyance tax that would go to lead abatement. RI is behind other states in addressing homelessness and affordable housing. “Housing first”- get stable housing as a first step.

David Kolsky announced a senatorial candidate debate at Books on the Square on August 27th.

Zoning. The committee established at our last meeting did not meet.  The hearing is tomorrow night. Grant outlined 5 points in the plan that he disagreed with: 1. Generally increasing of the building height restrictions 2. Reducing the number of parking spots per square foot for businesses.  Also, for restaurants, shifting from parking spots per table to spots per square foot. 3. Excluding the first X% of square footage from the above parking spots requirement. 4. Variances – Allowing CPC review for development projects that are 25-50% off code. 5. An increased height restriction for two specific districts (Broad St and North Main St) to 70-90 feet.

A guest raised concerns about the lack of police patrols in our area and the apparently increased number of break-ins.

Sherri Waldman. Her business, Main St. Martial Arts, is a 501c3 organization. They will hold a fundraiser in early October at Skyzone trampoline park.  Sherri is looking for volunteers to sell tickets. She sent information on this to the Board email list.

Tom raised the need for crosswalks on Hope St. along Lippitt Park between India restaurant and 9th St. Dean thinks some may be coming and will check on that.

The proposed discontinuation of the 49 (Camp Street) bus was discussed. Grant noted that RIPTA had postponed this issue at their last public meeting. Dean will talk to Ray Watson to get the Mt. Hope Neighborhood Association position. It was generally agreed that we should support them as long as that is consistent with SNA’s goals.

9th Street Tot Lot/Community Garden. Dean was not able to talk to Bob McMahon as planned (See July minutes).

The meeting was adjourned at 8:41PM.

Respectfully Submitted, Tom Schmeling (Secretary)


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