Thursday, March 9 – About 65 neighbors and guests from government filled the Community Room at Rochambeau Library on Thursday March 9 for Summit Neighborhood Association’s 2006 Annual Meeting. Trees and sidewalks received a lot of attention with City Forester Doug Still on hand and fresh news that some sidewalks in Summit will be repaired this summer was welcomed.

There were many more good questions from neighbors than final answers from anyone, but visitors Linda Painter and Thom Deller of Providence DPD and Gonzalo Cuervo, Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services helped clarify some fine points of city government. Representative Gordon Fox also attended.

Report on 2005 activities and achievements
• On Hope St, SNA helped Cumberland Farms re-design and plant their parking lot. Neighbors finally shamed CVS into shoveling their sidewalks and recently folks on Laurisont have called on SNA to help them work with Citizens Bank to improve the safety and appearance of their parking lot.
• Miriam Hospital won approval of their expansion on Summit over SNA and neighbor objections. SNA continues to work with Miriam to minimize the impact of their operations and seeks to engage the hospital in planning for the future.
• North Main: Michelle Tuck reported on a resident survey
• Historic District status: John Bazik
• Traffic Calming
• Upcoming neighborhood planning:
Linda Painter from DPD said that the planning process is under discussion and review of examples from other communities.

Election of 2006 Officers – The slate of officers and directors put forward by the 2005 Board Nominating Committee listed below was elected by a unanimous voice vote of the members present.\

President: Jonathan Howard 178 Ninth Street
Recording Secretary:Maryanne Flanagan 41 Fourth Street
Treasurer: Greg Gerritt 37 Sixth Street
Board of Directors
John Bazik 1 Overhill Road
Carol Cancro 44 Methyl Street
Grant Dulgarian 20 Exeter Street
Howard Gladstone 208 Chace Avenue
Claude Goldman 150 Fourth Street
Quentin McMullen 135 Summit Avenue
Marjorie Smit 697 Hope Street
Allan Tear 93 Lauriston Street
Michelle Tuck 38 Dana Street
Jim Willis 44 Memorial Road
Board Members Emeritus (non-voting)
Liz Cameron, Warwick,
Connie Chesebrough, Pawtucket
Saul Spitz, Providence
Summit Neighborhood Association (non-voting) Advisory Board
Judy Brown 25 Brewster Street
Gordon Fox 146 Woodbine Street
Kevin Jackson 91 Jenkins Street
Rhoda Perry 916 Hope Street
Bonnie Robison 11 Brewster Street

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