On Friday, our dear friend and long-time Summit Neighborhood Association board colleague Maryanne Flanagan of Fourth Street passed away. A service of remembrance will be held this Wednesday, Dec. 7, at Swan Point Cemetery’s Redwood Chapel. Notice of Maryanne’s death appeared in this mornings Sunday Journal (Local News). You may send email condolences via the Russel Boyle Funeral Home.

Maryanne was a lifelong student and teacher, and a woman of gentle, deeply persistent courage. While her passing leaves us poorer, our entire community is richer for her life among us.

Maryanne’s commitment to community found expression in her faithful, never-failing service as Secretary to our board, as a thoughtful governor of the organization and strategist in our campaigns and as a hands-on activist always ready to make calls, write letters, knock on doors and speak at hearings.

Maryanne’s faith in her power as a citizen continued to the very end. Just last week, Maryanne considered with me whether she should sit in outside the door of our city building inspector, who has failed to respond to her numerous calls and letters on a certain neighborhood matter. (For all I know, Maryanne may have done just that.) Last Saturday, Maryanne submitted her Minutes for our November Board meeting.

Maryanne’s steadiness in the face of her illness perhaps lulled us into believing what we hoped: that she would overcome and remain our friend and colleague here forever. That could not be, but Maryanne’s memory and spirit will always strengthen those of us who knew her.

I hope that those of you who also knew Maryanne will respond to this post with your own remembrances and tributes.

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Jane O'Leary · January 19, 2011 at 5:45 pm

I am so sorry to hear of this sad news. I dated Maryanne’s son many years ago, and unfortunately lost touch with her after moving to NJ. So sad to hear the news. My family loved her very much. She meant a great deal to all of us.

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