Our first 2018 Summer Outdoor Movie Night in Lippitt Park was a big success, and drew quite a crowd!

Next Wednesday evening, August 22nd, is the second one! It’ll start shortly after sunset, which will be 7:35pm that day.

Providence Children’s Film Festival presents a reel of short films that are about people, with passions so strong that they live, practice, or focus more effort towards their goal than anything else they know. This reel was created to get people of all ages inspired to do stuff! One story is about a young Hungarian swimmer who races faster the more she practices. Another film is of a woman who finds empowerment swimming below the ice of a frozen lake. And just as passionate is a young girl trying to protect the eggs of sea turtles on her beach. Plus many more! What’s your passionate pursuit? (All ages / multi-national / multi-lingual / some films have subtitles / running time: appx. 80 mins)

Both PASSIONATE PURSUITS and MAGIC CARPET RIDE this summer were funded through a grant from the dept of Arts, Culture & Tourism. This grant covered the costs of both the Cricket Cinema to equip the screening and the licensing fees to the Providence Children’s Film Festival to support the creation of the shorts reels.”

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