Sheila Beth Perlow was a true neighborhood champion. A longtime resident of Oak Hill, she spent 30 years admitting patients in the emergency room at the Miriam Hospital. She was a passionate supporter of the Summit Neighborhood Association and worked tirelessly to improve the Summit neighborhood for all.

She has been a key component of brokering the peace between our residents and our institutional neighbor, the Miriam Hospital.  She did this quietly and naturally. From my experience with Sheila, that’s the only thing she did quietly. She never held her tongue, in a good way. She spoke her mind and let you know what she thought. And she was funny while she did that. . . [S]he was always, always, always the first to volunteer to help out. She took the fun jobs and the not-so-fun jobs, it didn’t matter to her. She was of-service.”

Dean Weinberg, former president of SNA

In honor of her commitment to the organization, the neighborhood, and the people in it, SNA named its Sheila B. Perlow Community Service Award in her honor.

SNA is now seeking nominations for the 2020 award, to be presented at SNA’s Annual Meeting in April. Use the form below to nominate your own neighborhood hero!

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