In keeping with the holiday spirit, The Miriam Hospital is inviting its Summit neighbors to a musical celebration of Hanukkah. Later in the month it will host the start of Christmas caroling in the surrounding area.

Local resident Fishel Bresler will play in the hospital lobby, where a large menorah stands, at 12:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 2, followed by refreshments. Rabbi Avraham Rosenthal of Miriam’s Spiritual Care Office will officiate.

The event celebrates the Jewish eight-day festival of lights that began at sundown Wednesday and marks the triumph of light over darkness. It commemorates the regaining of the temple in Jerusalem more than 21 centuries ago and each day a light of the menorah is lit.

Then on Sunday, Dec. 22, Miriam will be the beginning point of Christmas caroling organized by the Summit Neighborhood Association.

Participants will gather in the hospital cafeteria beginning at 5 p.m. for light refreshments and some warm-up singing before setting out through the neighborhood. The carolers will finish about 7 p.m. near the restaurants on Hope Street so participants can linger for dinner. More details will be published as they develop.

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