A group of residents of Ward Three, which includes Summit, mobilized Oct. 20 to push their demand for the recall of indicted City Councilman Kevin Jackson.

About 15 people met in Rochambeau Library to share petition papers prepared by the city’s Board of Canvassers. The goal is to get the signatures of twenty percent of the ward’s voters to call for a vote on Jackson’s recall. The group has already filed the 300 signatures needed to begin the complicated process.

Jackson has been charged with two counts of unlawful appropriation, one count of embezzlement, one count of filing a false document with a government entity, and one count of personal use of campaign funds. He has resigned his leadership positions on the City Council, but not his seat.

However, the councilman has sued the Board of Canvassers and the two private citizens leading the effort, claiming that the initial signatures are flawed and the board has not properly promulgated any administrative rules of procedure. The recall group has hired a lawyer to respond to the suit and has filed a motion in Superior Court asking to be allowed to continue to collect signatures to remove him. Also, the board has decided allow a hearing on Jackson’s objections.

In the meantime, the petitioners have formed a web site and Facebook page – recallkevinjackson.org.


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