Two meetings have been set for initial discussions on community gardening in Lippitt Park. The first will be held this Sunday, August 22 at 5pm. The second will be held Sunday, September 19 at 6pm. Both meetings will be held at Summit Commons (99 Hillside Ave).

The meetings were set and will be lead by Summit neighbor June Daniel, who is an individual interested in creating community gardening in Lippitt Park. She has been in contact with the city on this issue and hopes to move forward with the project. Recognizing that other neighbors and community members will have concerns on the issue, she is hosting the two meetings to provide a forum for those concerns, as well as to allow people to speak up in support of the project.

We hope that this short notice will not prevent attendance at the first meeting. Contact was only made with the meeting’s host today, and we are sending out word as timely as possible.

At this time, SNA as a whole has not taken a position on this project. We are waiting to hear more from our neighbors on the issue. We urge you to show up at one or both of these meetings to make your voice heard. We will be doing the same individually.